Win an iPhone 8 and More! | Take Our Short Survey

Apple is gearing up to announce their new iPhones, and we’re excited to inform you that our all-new brand KARAPAX will be launching soon too! KARAPAX by Anker is a brand dedicated to protecting and enhancing your smart devices—and we’re starting by releasing innovative new products for the newest iPhones!

In order to better understand our users’ needs, we’d like to invite you to complete this survey and share some thoughts on protection products. In return, we’ll offer you a chance to win the new iPhone 8, as well as some other awesome prizes:

Prize 1: iPhone 8 (x1)
Prize 2: Anker PowerCore II Slim 10000 (x3)
Prize 3: Anker’s Brand New Cases for iPhone 8 /7s /7s Plus (x300)

Disclaimer: All information is collected from online rumors, collated for survey purposes.


  1. Campaign runs from July 26th to August 14th.

  2. The lucky winners will be chosen at random, and announced via Anker Community on August 18th.

  3. The iPhone 8 will be shipped out to the winner after the official release date.

  4. Geo Restrictions:US, CA, UK, DE, FR, IT ( click on the link for your region to join the survey!)

  5. Other prizes will be sent by August 31st.

  6. Anker reserves the right of final explanation.


Thanks @AnkerOfficial for another fantastic competition :grinning:

Looking forward to discovering more about KARAPAX when it’s launched :rocket:


Thanks @AnkerOfficialI have entered and hope to be the lucky one!!!


wow!! thank you very much ANKER for this amazing chance !!:heart_eyes:


Why doesn’t it allow me to click on the specified area? any one have this problem? Help?

You need to click on the link for your region UK, CA, US etc. The bold click here area appears to be throwing a few people.

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Out of all the rumors I hope that the wireless charging is the one that is true.


Saw this on twitter earlier and entered. Thanks @AnkerOfficial you certainly spoil us with all these great competitions! I have many fingers crossed for various entries! :smile:


I entered the survey and then I received an email with a temporary password. I guess Anker wants me to have a second account @AnkerOfficial

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Thanks @AnkerOfficial for the chance. I’d love the new phone so much but I’m a year into my contract so this is my only hope :pray:


That iphone that i will never get. D;

may the luck ever be in my favor


So, winning an iphone 8 is the prize…waiting patiently. This would be awesome. I’ve never gotten a new iphone, only used a 4 extensively actually. We’ll see how it all works out!


wow a chance for iphone 8 count me in :smile:


looking forward to :slight_smile:

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Iphone 8 I am coming:smirk:

That is so cool that @Ankerofficial gets involved with events like this. This Apple 8 will be monumental.

Did some research on KARAPAX. Other than a bunch of WoW things, I stumbled on a trademark that was filed June 02 2017.

This is what KARAPAX will be doing: Screen protectors; car mounts; phone cases; keyboard; mouse; sport armband; Monopods used to take photographs by positioning a smartphone or camera beyond the normal range of the arm; phone camera kit.



It took me roughly 30-45 seconds!

You’re running low. #PowerItUp!

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Hey, my friend! How have you been lately? I haven’t seen you here for a long time haha!:smile:

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I will revise it, it may confusing a lot people…sorry…:joy: