Why we all should have a second router in the cupbard!

Last week some fellows were digging a hole in front of neighbors house.
“We are repairing a cable its a fault elemination.”
Result : all went offline here for a few hours.

Then it worked again.

BUT a few days later we were offline again.
I couldn’t ask the neighbors because they are all on vacations at the moment.
I am the old watchdog .

Ok I thought the diggers had been coming back and “repaired the cable again”.
Waiting, the router tried to get DSL, nothing happened.
At the and I called telekom.

Great, a very nice fellow cared about this issue.
I told him about the diggers.
He knew about the issues had been caused by them,
sohe tested the connection.
Was fine.

Ok lets reset the router
(old one from the flea market what else :joy:)
BEST : A hard reset with the paper clip
(Why did they stop to add this feature on modern devices???)
Nothing happened
We decided “defective router”.

What to do?
I remembered, have another one in the cupboard!
Ok lets take out the this router an check it.
(Same model, from the flea market, were else from :grinning:)

Worked, perfectly. :grin:

Seems I have to look for a “new old router”
At the flea market were else.! :innocent:


That’s funny! I always enjoy having a backup for this exact reason! Never know when something might fail and needs to be replaced. It’s also a lot easier when troubleshooting sometimes to just replace the entire piece of equipment instead of changing all the setting around.

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And a working router is really more than “essential!”
Our old fixed telephone is connected with this router.
No more chats for my beloved wife! :grin:

Maybe I should store a “second washer” in the basement,
The one we use at the moment is a MIELE > 25 years old. :joy:

Great! I appreciate your work!