Who knows about a "tea light stove"

Run short of natural gas, oil, electricity?

Do not despair!
Here is a solution :

It works an there are other constructions around.
Important is that flowerpot made from clay.


I’ve seen this before! Never had a chance to actually try it out. Does it work well?

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Never tried that Matt.
Let’s see what winter brings here.
But I am sure from the physical point of view it will work.
(Warming hands for sure)

@professor knows!
And he does like those “prepper solutions”
Hope the region where he lives will not run short of those tea lights soon! :laughing:

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I use primarily warm clothing (wool, down) and have alcohol stoves as backup to gas/electricity.

The trickiest parts are hands and feet warmth.

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Don’t forget these little stove creates a romantic atmosphere.:two_hearts:

May be I published here in the past.
I use such rechargeable hand warmers .
A perfect help against my Raynaud syndrome.

What would be perfect for me (flea market) :
Such a warmer with integrated torch.
At the moment I use a LC 40.
Absolutely perfect since many years.