Which Anker products should I use?

Hello out there! This is my first time on any chat forum, so we’ll see how this goes!
I am trying to figure out which Anker products I need to achieve my goal.
I love to archery hunt way out in the boondocks, off the grid. I am usually out there about 6 weeks. (I’m retired). I use my cell phone for GPS, so it is pretty much running full time. The battery only lasts about 6 hours, and I am typically out in the field for 12 hours. There is no power in camp, but I do have a trailer and Honda EU200i Generator that I run about 2-3 hours a night.
I was looking at the 26800 for a battery pack, but the charging time is an issue. If I get this one, can I charge it up a little every night? Or will that ruin it? What type of batteries does it have inside? Also, which charger and cable should I get in order to get the fastest charge? I can charge it in my truck overnight if that won’t pull down the battery too much to start.
Anyway, there is my delimna. What can you great people recommend, or should I go with a different Battery Pack?

To do calculations we need to know more about your GPS power needs.

Do you know it’s battery size? Or do you have an external power source like a Powercore for us to infer from?

Yes you can top up a little each night. The main difference between the lower cost and higher cost is how fast they recharge. We can calculate how fast it needs to recharge if we can work out how much power is being drained per day.


  • let’s assume the GPS is a 5000mah 3.7V 16Ah cell.
  • all Powercore 26800 are 100Wh, they differ in Watts not Watthours.
  • using a typical efficiency of 2/3rds
  • so you said 6 hours drains and you needed 12 hours
  • so 16 * 3 / 2 * 2 = 48Wh, so you’d half empty the 26800 each day.
  • you wanted to top up in 2-3 hours
  • so you seek a Powercore which recharges no worse than 6 hours.
  • yes you can use either an AC power socket hand wall charger or an appropriate matching DC charger for the Powercore, plenty exist.

The bigger the GPS power drain, the more expensive is the solution so the least arm waving and least guessing the least cost.

Nose around in your GPS forums for anything which lets us know how much energy it stores, such as “Powercore XXX got me Y recharges” or similar.

Which phone do you use?

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