Which 3D glass is best to view 3D video in the Nebula Cosmo?

I just bought the Nebula Cosmo on Amazon and very happy with it and it has two 3D viewing mode in the ‘Projector Settings’ which are Side-by-Side and Over-Under. This is awesome cuz I love 3D but the odds thing about this is that the 3D function never been mention in item’s description, user manual, Amazon’s reviews nor even in Google Search. I have post this 3D question on Amazon because I needs to get the best compatible 3D glasses for it and I still got no answer yet.
I was Googling for Side-by-Side and Over-Under 3D glass and the general answers were that Active 3D glass is the best, next is Passive and lastly the Red/Blue ordinary one. I was about to bought the ’ DLP 3D Glasses 144Hz Rechargeable 3D Active Shutter Glasses for All DLP-Link 3D Projectors’ but in their item’s description stating that those glasses only work with the 3D-link projectors and I know the Cosmo doesn’t have it and nowadays it seem like all those selling Active 3D glasses have 3D-link function,
Hope someone in here could help me to find the best compatible 3D glasses for the Cosmo. Great thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi I have this question too! Can someone please respond? The 3D is only in the projector settings when you’re watching a film. Otherwise they’re hidden. Polarised glasses doesn’t work at all and Anaglyph glasses make it a bit 3D but still blurry bits. Do active glasses actually work on this if there’s no dlp link? Or is there a dlp link being sent? If no glasses work why is there the option available for 3D in both side by side and under and over?

Did you see this?