What vacuum cleaner should I get?

Hi, my friend just recommended the RoboVac 11S, which seems to be sold out on amazon and on the Anker website. So I have been trying to figure out an alternative. I only need to make sure that it it good enough to vacuum carpets and hardwood floor and tiles in my small 2 bedroom apartment. And I am VERY VERY confused about the different options here and there doesn’t seem to be a proper guidance. Please help? Any advice? What are the different series? Which one s recommended for what? Any way I can learn about this without spending several hours doing research?

I use 11S since many years.
Its a simple one.
“old Willy”
Willy got a new middle brush and a ned motor for the left side brush meanwhile.

11S :
No WLAN; no maps.
That’s perfect for me.

It vacuums carpets with short carpet pile.
The only problem are those carpet fringe.
But those can be put under the carpet and fixed there by tape (So I did)

What models are offered at the moment?

I’d get the L35 or L35+ I like the extra strong suction, laser obstacle avoidance, ability to mop and self empty if you go for the + model.

I never got my hands on a such a mopper.


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