What is YOUR status light color on REAR of Eufycam base and router?

Supposed you asked me:

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thats a cute looking router but i was asking @rgillbilly

AVM (Fritz!Box) is a german leading company and making the best routers since decades. They are extremely popular and extremely flexible and comfortable and they can do like everything!

AVM is a consumer electronics company founded in 1986 in Berlin, Germany. The company produces communications, networking devices such as DSL, ISDN, Wireless and VoIP products. It had sales of €250 million in 2012 with 450 employees. It is well known for its popular FRITZ!Box series.

I like their design too, but after decades, they sadly changed it and the newer ones look prett ugly to me, check em here (the white ones): https://en.avm.de/products/fritzbox/

But i think in the US you don’t even know abot the Fritz!Boxes, don’t even know if they are sold there?!

But in general, the best you can do with home networking in germany or europe, get all the stuff from AVM, you can’t do anything wrong :hearts: Mentionable is especially that AVM brings up frequent updates of their firmwares, even years after release and extremely well and detailed documented. :thumbsup: Listen eufy and learn from them :wink:

No quite cheap, but worth every Cent.

Oops, sorry.

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That’s pretty cool!

My setup has been working pretty well for my home network… :slight_smile:

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The color on the back of my eufyCam home base is yellow. It is working fine.

Have a net gear router.
You say your color on the back of the home base is yellow, what about where your data cable is plugged into the router?? What is the color of that connection?

Green, yellow or orange?

If you can tell me the model or give a picture of the router itself I can verify but amber typically means 100Mb or 10Mb speed being negotiated. This is expected because the home base is only FastEthernet (100Mb)

C6300 Netgear

The amber LED indicates 100Mb / 10Mb speeds:

As for the screenshot, hopefully its just a failure within the homebase and not a larger issue…

Hello! @rgillbilly Sincerely sorry for all inconvenience caused by the HomeBase offline. Could you please try rebooting the HomeBase (Steps: unplug the AC power adapter>press the CYCLE button located on the left of the AC power outlet>re-plug the AC power adapter) to see whether it helps?

If it still fails to correct the HomeBase offline, please contact support@eufylife.com directly. Our associated staff will forward your issue to our engineers and they will help to check your devices at their back-end server.

In addition, the normal status light on the rear of eufyCam HomeBase should be orange in a general way (please see the picture attached).

Thanks so much for your patience and valuable time!

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Well, we’ve tried rebooting many, many times and it’s a vicious cycle lol.

Thee only thing that has any effect of the home base staying online and proper is the deletion of 4 cameras. Not turning them Off but deleting.

If I add one more camera for a total of 7 cameras online, the home base hangs and app states unable to play videos. Backing out of app and immediately going back in shows home base offline. Causing missed events blah blah blah. Reboot base, vicious cycle begins again.

But, staying with six cameras online causes absolutely NO problems.
I’ve emailed support with reference #29474768 and have yet to get a response of a FIX.
Not sure if base is faulty and just slow or the statement of “up to 16 cameras” is just fictional.
For me… 6 camera is max

My window to return 4 cameras at $855.00 is closing and I need action.
If I have not received a confirmation of a replacement base by 5pm Est. today, I’m left with the unfortunate task of removing and returning the cameras tonight as to insure that I do NOT get STUCK with non-working cameras.

My Homebase is also offline. Just set up the unit a few days ago. It took many, many attempts to get the red light to go to white and connect. I was finally able to do that and then linked 2 cameras. After about 7 hours the homebase went offline even though I had a solid and strong internet connection with my router. Tried re-powering and resetting both. This has not worked…and I have been trying for 2 days now. I do not have any lights on the back of the Eufy base on. When the unit was working, there was a yellow/orange light. Any one have any new suggestions for me? Help.

Wondering if the base has updated its firmware. The cams too.
Which they do on their own.
Have you tried a hard reset?

@rgillbilly did you get any response? if not you probably need to wait until Monday for them to respond. Hope they can fix it for you or send a replacement :thinking:[quote=“rgillbilly, post:27, topic:69857”]
Wondering if the base has updated its firmware. The cams too.Which they do on their own.

check the firmware in the app, to know you have the latest installed.

"Thanks for your information. Your replacement has been ordered, and you can expect the package to arrive in 3-5 business days. We will update a tracking number for you once it is available.

Please do let me know how the replacement does for you!

Have a nice day!"

We shall see…
Does anyone know of any ping test or something that can be ran to do some testing other than just adding cameras just to see if they work or not??

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Glad to know your replacements are on the way, hope they work fine.

Not aware of any ping test, but you can do the regular signal test using mounting guide, I would not rely on the signal strength based on this though, as it may say the signal is poor but camera might still work fine.

Upgrading the micro sd card was a HUGE improvement.

I also kicked out the original standard quality SD-Card in the meanwhile and replaced it by a bigger and much faster one. The size wasn’t the problem for me, but the speed with plenty of cams simultaneously recording. But i guess for the most normal users the regular SD-card which comes with the homebase will fit their needs.

But nice to read that uprading it was an improvement for you! :+1: