What is YOUR status light color on REAR of Eufycam base and router?



Have been having issues with “home base offline”.

Missed recordings and all that noise.
Noticed status light on BACK of base where cat5 plugs in is yellow now.
Noticed status light on router cable going to Home base is also yellow now.

Ordered new expensive cable from router to base and still same.

What color are YOUR rear status lights?

It would seem I am connected, but at a slower speed.
Called support, she stated her router was green.



Sorry, i just can’t tell you the answer for your question. :weary:

I also have the issue that the hombase is going “offline” without any reason or action. Happens from time to time.

But as i had to move my homebase to a unplaned and unscheduled position of my flat, to get my cams at all connected (max range 12 meters!), i also had to connect my homebase by wire to a wifi extender to get it connected to the router.

And as you can possibly see, the LAN Port of my range extender does not got any lights:

So sorry … can’t give you an answer.

But in this context i am asking myseldf since months, why the fuc**** light of the LAN port at the homebase is flashing like hell, like insane … 24/7 … no pause, no break … flashing flashing flashing … even if all cams are turned off(!).

The only reason why the homebase should flash the lan port and receive or send data to the router:

  • when sendining data to the cloud service (which i do not use, so this can’t be)
  • when checking for new firmware and updates (checking 24/7 and in every second?!)

Can’t find any other (legal and acceptable) reason why my homebase’s LAN Port is flashing every second without any break. I have asked eufy some months ago why and which data the homebase is sending/receiving 24/7 … no answer :no_mouth:

Is your LAN-Port at your homebase also permanently flashing? Even if all cams are tunred off and there should be no reason at all for the homebase to send or receive data?!

Maybe there will be some nerd, hacker or network pro sometime,
to check and find out what data is send/received?! (sniffer, packet inspection, …)

Eufycam WiFi bridge

Time to email support :thumbsup:


Just came up from the crawl space after running a new “CAT6 Cable UTP Booted 75 FT - Gray - Professional Series - 10Gigabit/Sec Network/High Speed Internet Cable, 550MHZ” from router to base.
All 10 cams and 7 door sensors now working…

Lights on router still orange, lights on base still orange. Home Base light fires in rapid succession without stopping…ever.

No indoor cams at all so if there is a nerd hacker somewhere tapping into feed…he/she is bored! :smile:


Thanks … i see … you got your own stalker/hacker/nsa-feed … :joy:

Probably it’s a live stream of all data to china … now, as huawei can’t sell anything anymore without android, they are for sure some kind of bored… so now they are watching all day long our videos :laughing:

And don’t forget about fci*g NSA … they of course too! :eyes:


Come on…
Started testing and got the dreaded base offline…

So I’m assuming the data transfer rate by the wifi icon while camera is streaming is just that…a data transfer rate NOT a storage rate. nothing be stored but data streaming while viewing?
Or is it a frequency?

It reads K/s

That being said.

Usually, data communication speed is measured in bits/kilobits/megabits per second, while storage space is measured in bytes/Kilobytes/Megabytes.

In data communications, a Kilobit is one thousand bits. It is used to measure the amount of data transferred per second. Kilobits per second is shortened to kb/s, Kbps or kbps (as opposed to KBps, which is Kilobytes per second. Note the capitalization). The lowercase b is commonly used to denote bits, while the uppercase B is used for bytes.

1 kb/s = 1000 bits per second
1 KB/s = 1024 bytes per second

It reads K/s, the b’s b missing bros so…

“K/s is not a unit of measure for bandwidth. K is the symbol for kilo, which in a networking context implies 1,000. Thus, K/s is “1000/s”, which turns out to be a measure of frequency, but not bandwidth.”

What does it imply?

Ran test with phone on home wifi and on mobile data and got different K/s ranging from an initial spike at cam fire up from 271K/s to 90K/s and then cams feathered off to bouncing between 12 and 120K/s
Then the base went offline…weeeeeee! :pensive:

I vote for…something better than giving me the boot


Just got a pop up asking if I’d like to leave a review in app at the playstore…
Not a good idea right now Eufy


eufy’s review-asking algorism must be revised :laughing:


You are the second person I know having so many eufycams, yet sad to see you and @yamyam suffering with these…
Eufy should give you both some additional perks for the pain…:joy:


Two free eufy cam range extender and 2-3 free eufy cam solar panels would help more to relieve the pain :heart_eyes:


LOL…hope they will listen to you one day :grin:


What router do you have?


Supposed you asked me:


thats a cute looking router but i was asking @rgillbilly


AVM (Fritz!Box) is a german leading company and making the best routers since decades. They are extremely popular and extremely flexible and comfortable and they can do like everything!

AVM is a consumer electronics company founded in 1986 in Berlin, Germany. The company produces communications, networking devices such as DSL, ISDN, Wireless and VoIP products. It had sales of €250 million in 2012 with 450 employees. It is well known for its popular FRITZ!Box series.

I like their design too, but after decades, they sadly changed it and the newer ones look prett ugly to me, check em here (the white ones): https://en.avm.de/products/fritzbox/

But i think in the US you don’t even know abot the Fritz!Boxes, don’t even know if they are sold there?!

But in general, the best you can do with home networking in germany or europe, get all the stuff from AVM, you can’t do anything wrong :hearts: Mentionable is especially that AVM brings up frequent updates of their firmwares, even years after release and extremely well and detailed documented. :thumbsup: Listen eufy and learn from them :wink:

No quite cheap, but worth every Cent.

Oops, sorry.


That’s pretty cool!

My setup has been working pretty well for my home network… :slight_smile:


The color on the back of my eufyCam home base is yellow. It is working fine.


Have a net gear router.
You say your color on the back of the home base is yellow, what about where your data cable is plugged into the router?? What is the color of that connection?


Green, yellow or orange?


If you can tell me the model or give a picture of the router itself I can verify but amber typically means 100Mb or 10Mb speed being negotiated. This is expected because the home base is only FastEthernet (100Mb)