What cable should I buy to go with anker ace 45w charger?

So Anker’s new naming scheme has me completely confused.
I want to charge my s23 ultra with an ace 45 watt charger. My understanding is I’ll need a 100w usb-c to usb-c cable. In the past my favorite cables have been Powerline 2(II) + . Does anker still make powerline + cables? Really my perfect cable would be a powerline 3+ cable with 100watt but as far as I can tell anker doesn’t make these? or doesn’t make them anymore It also seems weird that ankers cheaper 333 cables seem to have lifetime warranties while the more expensive 543 has 24mmonths and some have only 18 months.

What I’m looking for is:

  1. Has lifetime warranty
  2. Has 100w /5amp will support 45 watt PPS charging to s23 ultra
  3. usb-c to usb-c
  4. is either 6 foot or 10 foot
  5. highest bend /quality possible
    6.preferably aluminum end with woven coating

So what cable would you buy?
Thanks for any advice.

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Probably that one according to their website.

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See that cable looks perfect…but for some reason only comes with a 24 month warranty instead of lifetime. Even though it’s theoretically a stronger, better made, more expensive cable than the ones with lifetime warranties.
Also i do wonder since it’s a 140watt I guess that means 7 amp cable instead of a 100watt/5amp cable is it excessively thick?

I’m not sure there’s a lifetime warranty for any Anker products. Best of luck!

All of the powerline and powerline + cable models have lifetime warranties. As well as a random assortment it seems of the current cables like the 333 I mentioned. .
Most non-cable products have 18 or 24 month warranty.

To answer your questions:

-The Powerline product line is still in massive production.

-The recommended cable that meets your needs from 2 to 6 (for S23 Ultra Ace 45W Charger) is Anker 765 USB-C to USB-C Cable (140W 6ft Nylon)*: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09RZMQ7N7

-For more information on product warranties please refer to the product listing for more information as they vary from product to product.

@AnkerOfficial. Why does the 765 cable not have a lifetime warranty though? Does anker have less confidence in its durability? And why does 333 cable have lifetime warranty if it’s theoretically rated for only 12,000 instead of 35,000 bends? And the 333 is less than half the price? Shouldn’t the more expensive price buy a better not worse warranty?

And is there a powerline 3+ usb c to usb c? Or powerline 2+? Do either have 100watt versions?

Hi! New admin here. Let me #circleback on this. I’ll consult with the charging team.

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Thanks for the help @AnkerOfficial. Clarifying this would be great.