We’re Moving

Hey, eufy Security fans!

Let’s move somewhere a little more private, shall we?

That’s right! We’re delighted to announce that the eufy Security community has finally moved out of its parents’ (Anker) household to strike out on its own.

We’ve created a designated eufy Security community space where we can provide you with more security-based content than ever, including all-new, never before seen activities and giveaways. What’s more, the new site will offer complete integration with the eufy Security app, allowing for convenient communication and instant access to updates.

We will no longer update this community, so please, if you want to get involved with all of the awesome security-centered discussions, please come and join us at our new address (Link: https://communitysecurity.eufylife.com/).

Oh, and you’ll want to act fast!

If you sign up before Apr. 10th, you’ll be in with the chance to win 1 of 50 FREE eufy Security Motion Sensors.

To get a chance to win a free Motion Sensor, please reply in this post:https://communitysecurity.eufylife.com/t/eufy-security-new-community-giveaway/35803

Can’t wait to see you in the new community!


Woke up to a surprise…

Congratulations Eufy :+1:

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Congrats for sure.

Will not take part there.
I dont own any EUFY security item, so there is really nothing I can talk about.


Ah yeah, thanks for highlighting that @Chiquinho

I was a little sad at first, i thought it was all Eufy.
Knowing its just security i’m quite happy about that, will use the “dismiss” button much less now! :smiley:

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Mary, Duchess, Astroboy and old Willy will stay here!
No moving!
They got no app, they got no map.
They would be lost there! :joy:


that’s a great news, nevertheless, went ahead and created my login, to keep my exclusive username :smiley:


grats on the news

Hey @Shenoy
Did you create a profile?
I seemed to be able to log in with the credentials from this forum.

@paulstevenewing yes, i was able to login with same credentials as Anker / Soundcore, had to change the username though

Congrats @AnkerOfficial and eufy Security team on the new forum launching… :clap:
I used the same user name and went right thru…

@Chiquinho @paulstevenewing the new forum will have all eufy branded products under one roof… that includes Robovac, Scale, lights etc., :grinning:

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we can expect more surprises… :wink:

The new community, atleast from all the posts so far, layout, articles, looks like focused on Eufy Security Products such as EufyCam, Doorbell, Sensors, Indoor Cam,…


the community is CommunitySecurity.eufylife.com – > Too long name for a community and the Security in there :wink:

For now - it is a wait and watch to see more updates posted :smiley:

Anyways, I have bookmarked the new one too


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I’ll give this new community a try

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Just signed up. I hope there won’t be as much cross posting between the sights.


Congrats. You’re going so much that you now need more space to go further. :slight_smile:

Woah. I wasn’t expecting this at all… I guess I’ll check out the new site.

Just saw an update from Eufy Security Moderator - Community is more for Eufy Security



I did suspect that as it has shown that at the top of the screen from the start.

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But they did list all other products though… anyways if it’s coming from the mod then has to right.