We Love Testing—SweatGuard Edition!



Yes I have and fully tested :grin:


You are welcome. Look forward to participating in more events like this one.


Have tested the Spirit X earphones for more than a week now, and it does what it says!!



How do I upload videos on the Anker Forum, does not let me do them, was able to put them on the G+


Upload to YouTube then copy the link


Here’s mine. Fun! https://twitter.com/SBeeCee/status/1025277683951751170?s=19


My review:

@ankerofficial thanks for the opportunity.


Good review always deserve to wait!:grin:


Your video is so real! I like it!:grin:


Thank you for promoting your testing experience on twitter, hope more people could know our products.:innocent:


On your personal review website, all the content is relevant to Anker product!:stuck_out_tongue:


I have already sent you my review (check earlier post). I enjoyed them. Any fault with them. 1. Power button needs to be taller (think of it as in typing having the grooved area on the letter. 2. Pouch a little bigger or deeper.


great pics!!!


I hope there are many more testing events like this in the near future!


I hope more European, power user goods in future!


Roger that! The storage space of the pouch needs to be bigger.:sunglasses:


I also hope, but I did find that our review collecting rate is declining.:joy:


Perhaps closer vetting on the final selected accounts…such as having a posting record on here, or a demonstration of their online presence may help?


Don’t give to those who don’t review, it’s a simple dBASE search

I used to write dBASE for loads of companies, and you can set up last r view Vs last 3 freebies, this would give you results n you can.program the emails/acceptance against that list.

I haven’t reviewed the powerbank as it never got properly delivered as was prob the item left on doorstep… FFS


Yes, optimize it next time!