We Love Testing | Premium 5-in-1 USB-C Hub



Luck was in my favor this time :grin::smile:


Looking forward to test this! :smile:


Very excited ! Will look forward to putting it through its paces !


Congrats @Corwin_Davis_Khoe looking forward to the review :slight_smile:


Congrats to all the winners




@Corwin_Davis_Khoe isn’t this your first we love testing even you’ve won?

I’m looking forward to your review!


Yes. First time :grin::sunglasses:


We review some of Ankers powerbanks. Recently we reviewed Ankers PowerHouse 120000mah. Kindly Check it out.


You say you test these out, yet how come there are no pictures of you testing them or showing them in use? Seems to me like I stated before that you combine various info from other people’s reviews and make it your own without ever owning or testing these items


Checked the site, has good information on products however there are no pictures or videos depicting these products being tested or used… Can you please include some photos, would improve the website content!


Thanks again Anker for another great product!


Thanks for telling me


hmm and i got an email saying i was chosen but i do not see my name in the list…


Did you receive the product?


Maybe you didn’t respond in time and they chose someone else?


That was my initial thought, but I don’t think so since their name was never in the post above. Look through the edit history…


@flutterbylover112471 What was the email you received for? Also direct message Anker team to find out more.


Can you send me a private message with the screenshot of the email you received? I’ll checked this out for you.