We Love Testing | Premium 5-in-1 USB-C Hub



i have entered… good luck to anyone who has entered


Another great event ! :ok_hand:
Good luck to anyone who has entered!!! :four_leaf_clover:


I love how nice you guys are! Good luck to everyone :wink:


No USB-C devices so il give this a miss. (Although does that really matter :joy::joy::joy:)

Good luck to all those who do enter :crossed_fingers:t2:


Thanks @AnkerOfficial for this event, even though I love winning, I have no need for this product. But good luck to everyone else who is participating! :+1:


Great event, Thank you @AnkerOfficial


No, doesn’t matter at all.
If you are clever and sly you even don’t need the item you have to test and write a review. :joy:


Best wishes for all of us…


:open_mouth:never thought about that


I had to write manuals for items I had only a photo from.
So I made this attempt and at last these were not worse than others I was comparing with. :sweat_smile:

unpinned #31


I will love to test this device, but my USB-C only supports data transfer and I don’t believed its compatible with Nintendo Switch.


Why should those from “Down Under” not to be in the game.
I would like to see those in the family and in the chosen testers as well!


Fingers crossed today’s the day !


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Congrats to the chosen testers :slight_smile:


Congrats to all new testers. Good to see a few familiar names :clap:


Woo!!! Looking forward to playing with it.


Congrats other chosen testers! Can’t wait to receive it!:grinning:


I got picked for the first time! :sunglasses::smiley::astonished: