We Love Testing | PowerPort+ Atom III



Congratulations to all winners!!!

Hi @AnkerOfficial, @cshenoy was my ID before I changed my ID to @Shenoy … not sure if this is for me or is there a new user :wink: ?


Just wait for an email. If you don’t get one then it wasn’t you :man_shrugging:


Oh man… I should have waited before I changed my ID :joy: :joy:


Lol I did the same thing. The only differance is that I got
The email before I saw the community :joy:


Go ahead and change it back :laughing:


I did receive the email :blush:

thank you @AnkerOfficial


Congrats to the chosen testers…I am.glad @joshuad11 got selected and look forward to his in depth review.
And same for @Shenoy, look forward to yours aswell


Glad to see some well known friends had been chosen.

@joshuad11 @Shenoy

You will do a good job of course.


Congrats to the selected testers, seasoned and new alike :thumbsup:


Received the email, thanks @AnkerOfficial


@Shenoy what’s up with people taking our usernames after we change them? It’s bizzare :joy:


I am fine people taking out IDs as long as event prize / test win notification emails come to my email ID :smiley:

Lot of users have signed up recently for the prize for the new community memberships, may be one of those


I’m late, but congrats everyone who was selected!


congrats chosen ones :slight_smile:


Received confirmation, PowerPort+ Atom III has shipped :slight_smile:


Great you have been chosen.


My Review of the Anker PowerPort Atom III from the We Love Testing Event. Shared on Reddit & Twitter as well. @AnkerOfficial


Congrats to the testers. Would love read their future reviews. This charger will be a life saver for people on the road.


PowerPort+ Atom III is an awesome charger, using it now during my travel… excellent companion at airport to charge laptop and iPhone :slight_smile:


@AnkerOfficial I have posted my review for PowerPort+ Atom III here