We Love Testing | PowerDrive 2 Alloy



Thanks, same to you bro!


Great, but was hoping it does the fast charge. Needed another charger in my car.


only a few more days in till i get mine super excited :slight_smile:


Nice, I can tell you are really excited :thumbsup:


I am really excited about PowerDrive 2 Alloy and would have loved to get it for testing… However I already have 3 Built-in USB ports in my car plus Roav Viva / Viva Pro which provides 2 more charging ports, and when we drive out, we already have cell phones / tablets fairly full… Happy with whatever charging is available :slight_smile:


I have one built-in USB port in our car but I think it only outputs 1A and therefore it’s unusable. How good are yours?


2 USB ports are 2.5A and 1 USB port is 1.5A. Plus the 4 ports from Viva (in the front) & Viva Pro (at rear for kids to charge tablets) which provides PowerIQ charging


Seems like you are covered then :thumbsup:


@Shenoy that’s too many USB’s for charging… I had one in front I use for phone and one in center console for music…using usb stick attached all the time.


@Ice1 though I use only 4 USB ports at max… 2 from Viva for smartphones at front, 1 USB for Car media, 1 Port for Tablet at back for kids.


I need at least 2 in the front so I an use 1 for phone and the 2nd for dashcam.


Lol… I didn’t mention Dashcam because I use the Hardwired Kit via OBD2 Port :wink:


I have a smartcharge spectrum and a Bolt occupying my 2 ports. Giving me 4 usb outputs :slight_smile:


These Anker Roav car chargers are much better and no comparison to built-in ports on cars :thumbsup:


May be I will do it this way, one day :wink:


it’s going in the minivan!


Does the PowerDrive 2 Alloy have any features or specs which would make it perform differently than the “regular” PowerDrive 2? Other than being a metal alloy casing (and smaller), what is the expected performance difference?

Or is the difference only form factor?

If a review is to be done properly, it should be apples-to-apples, and I think many of us probably already have a benchmark from the PowerDrive 2.



Hopefully mine will arrive today if not Friday :relieved::relieved::relieved::relieved::relieved::relieved: