We Love Testing | Astro Testers Wanted!


Who wants to test a cinema that you can pop into your bag or pocket anytime you wish? If you’re sitting at your desk, phone in one hand and the other raised in the air then keep on reading, as we’re giving 5 people the chance to test our all-new Nebula Astro pocket projector.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Astro is our latest ultra-portable projector that’s been specially designed for both kids and adults. Thanks to its small size, you can simply pop it in your bag or pocket and transform any location, from your bedroom to your backyard and beyond, into your own personal movie theater.

But there’s more to Astro than its size alone, which is why we’ve packed it full of fantastic features. Our innovative Eye Guard Tech provides added protection for curious kids who take an interest in Astro’s bright DLP bulb. If anyone comes within a maximum of 60 cm of the front of the bulb, Astro automatically switches off projection, protecting their eyes.

And that’s not all. Astro also packs in Android 7.1, so you can enjoy Netflix, YouTube, and more up to 100 inches big. The 2.5-hour battery life provides you with more than enough power to watch a quick movie or catch multiple episodes of your favorite TV show, while the dual UIs for both children and adults respectively give you an extra level of customization.

:tada:If all this sounds right up your alley, make sure you click HERE and sign up for our We Love Testing Program.:tada:

Good Luck!


This is a great and very helpful feature.


No need to test this, @Shenoy has already done it!

I won’t apply, I know only 100 ANSI won’t work for me, so good luck to the other applicants who want free stuff to help review and give feedback.


Sweet, I wasn’t expecting the Astro to be up for testing


This is a very nice testing opportunity, great device!! I knew it was going to be Astro :grin: best of luck everyone!

Thank you @AnkerOfficial for the opportunity for others to apply / test.


Thank you for the opportunity to test a nice Astro projector. I was curious to see it in action after reading interesting review of @Shenoy
But unfortunately, it is not available for CA yet. @AnkerOfficial when do you think it is available in Canada?


Love the picture!
Good luck to all!

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It looks to be an interesting item. We had bought the kids something similar several years but it ended up being big and clunky and not that great.

I always thought all of the Nebula items are interesting in that they have shrunk those items down to about the size of a can or a small speaker.

As @professor stated my only potential drawback to it would be the 100 ANSI. I think I would have felt better if it was 2 to 3 times as strong.

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Would have been nice to have it show on the top of this thread, where it was applicable to (CA, DE, UK, US etc.)

Something for last line to include, similar to what is showing under the testing club active testing, which i didn’t even think to check (Thanks again @Ice1 ) this morning. Too early and too excited for a testing event i guess.

" - Valid for US / DE / UK Only"

Thanks again, and good luck to all who apply.

Looking forward to more reviews and opportunities :slight_smile:



I bought and returned the Capsule Max, it is twice the brightness of the Astro and not bright for me.

I think kids won’t mind, they’re more into the film’s characters and story than the image quality anyway, I think 100 ANSI for young kids, nearer the wall, is perfectly fine, but not worth bothering for myself.

I hope genuinely interested people get selected and get the most joy from it.


Yes that 100 ANSI seem not to be so bright. :thinking:
But this is more a pocket beamer regarding its dimensions and therefore the customer can not expect so much.

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100 ANSI lumens is sufficient brightness for a decent projection and bright enough … of course, this needs a fairly dark room, but still works well!

thought 200 ANSI lumens could do a world of change, great improvement for Astro!

Taking this opportunity to list my review for Nebula Astro here


Yea felt the same way when I read through this. @Shenoy really did a fantastic job and really nothing can be said about this anymore other than personal likes/dislikes


Yep, this is just a giveaway competition under a different name. Oh well, it’s Anker’s decision.

Happy for those who get free stuff testing units.


Thank you @professor @Shivam_Shah for the mentions

I plan to include a full length video , using the Astro, upload / publish tonight.

Beta testing is more fun than the regular testing … lot of discussion and working with nebula team … things work and break, fix and learn new things :smiley:


Yea that’s a thing I would love to do. Though I did talk to Pei back and forth a couple during the powerstrip testing which was also my first testing of Anker products ever so looking forward to some more


thanks for the reminder, … need to submit the review for powerstrip 12


good luck to those who apply

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Awesome testing opportunity!! :clap::clap::clap:

Good luck to everyone that enters!! :four_leaf_clover: