We Love Testing | Are Your Ears Ready?



Congrats winners!


congratulations winners!


Damm Chico just gonna spell your name like if you don’t mind you lucky sod two speakersss!!! You lucky lucky man :+1: enjoy them looking forward to see some reviews


Go to the hospital as I did.
But I wouldn’t recommend to " lose" that parts in your age. :joy:


Congrats to those lucky members who got selected :clap:t2:

@Chiquinho been a lucky few days for you :tongue:
Congrats and well deserved


The greatest luck were the results of my surgery.
I have to thank Our Lord so much.


Looks like I took Jason’s spot for some unknown reason. Anyways I’ll definitely post a video review and perhaps a written form (if anything I’ll write out a script and just post that). Thanks for choosing me Anker!


Congrats to the winners on this - look forward to reading the reviews!


Considering those chosen, were supposed to be chosen for their testing plan, there should be some amazing reviews.

Or was @ankerofficial lazy again, and just went with a few who said, they’d do a YouTube, and sod the rest of the genuine ones?


still playing/learning with the speaker. I’ll have my review of it done soon.


Can’t wait for it :grin:


So do I.
Will need some time to write a comparison of ZERO; FLARE and MOTION+
Though all speakers are IPX-rated I will NOT throw these in water.

I can not do that, may be psychological reasons! :joy:


Yeah, I’m not going to intentionally spray this with water, or dunk it into a tub of water, but knowing that when I’m out at car shows, and the sudden rain shower pops up, I won’t need to panic is quite nice.


We are always ready here! :+1:


Finally arrived just in time for the weekend

Let the testing begin :grin:


Looks great on the patio table, hows the audio output? :speaker: :musical_note: :musical_note: :musical_note: :musical_note: :man_dancing:


Looks like the perfect set up to me :muscle:t2:


Nice garden.


I bet you guys are loving the speaker


Great night for tunes on the patio. This thing punches harder than my previous mobile Bluetooth speaker I had been using. Even my wife, who’s the farthest from an audiophile as can be, could tell a huge difference.

Only things that are bugging me currently, is the finger prints that stick to the rubberized surfaces and the inability to use the speaker as a battery. Being from Anker, I thought I’d be able to charge my phone, but it doesn’t work that way.