Wattage drop.

So just received my Anker solar generator and 200w panels today. Just messing with it and I noticed that so much as a hand shading part of the panel cause almost total loss of wattage. Literally a hand on part of 1 of 4 smaller panels caused wattage to drop from 157 to 36. Is this normal?

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I’m going to say that’s not only irregular, it’s kinda weird. I would expect a drop, same as I do when my panel is in partial shade. But I don’t know that I’d expect that much of a gap in watts. I would say keep testing it to make sure this isn’t some strange anomaly. Obviously, and you know this, you want full sun always … at least to the extent that you can make that happen.

I am having this same issue. Full sun then a small shadow from a plant nearby as the sun moves and them I’m down to 25w or less from 180w.
Contacted anker support and they said it was normal.
These panels aren’t cheap. I could have got a100w panel and would have had better results for$100.
I’ll be doing a weekend long test. I’ll report my findings.