Want Free Tickets to Electrify Expo? Just Fill Out this Form!

We’re headed to Electrify Expo, and in fact, Anker SOLIX is a title sponsor.

This means I have free tickets I can share with community members. Are you near an Electrify Expo city?

This show is big, and it’s gonna be fun if you love electric cars … including FAST EVs.

Anker SOLIX has a booth at the expo, and you’re invited to come by to meet me, grab a cold drink from the EverFrost, charge your phone … I’d love to meet you in real life.

Interested? Fill out this form: https://forms.gle/yXcxLQhJns2DWcyY9

July 22-23 | Washington , DC

Aug 12-13 | Long Island, New York

Sept 9-10 | Seattle, WA

Oct 14-15 | Miami, FL

Nov 10-12 | Austin, TX


I’m pretty sure Jesse @TheDude is near San Francisco.

I had an electric skateboard once, quite the ride.


If you’re also covering Soundcore fans also note that this Soundcore fan is in southeast bay area, but accept Soundcore and “outdoor electric” are not really overlapping.


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Good to see more in person engagement with community members


If it was anywhere closer than NYC (I’m in Michigan), I would be game, but definitely looks like it like it is going to be a great time.

I’m not particular! If they like Anker soundcore and want to come to the show, they should reach out to me.

Yea, no shows in the Midwest, now that you mention it! I hadn’t noticed that until you mentioned it. None of those locations are ideal for a Michigander.

@professor … yes @TheDude and his Dad are coming to Sunday’s show:) Thanks for looking out for him!


Elena & Ernie would love to attend Sunday’s show in Alameda.

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I’m in the Los Angeles area so it looks like the Long Beach May 19-29 event is long gone. Oh well…:man_shrugging:

Besides, I’d have to drive my gas-guzzling Ford Mustang GT to attend an Electrify Expo. :crazy_face:

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That’s a shame. I’m starting work again shortly, as a Nuclear Physicist. We’ve been mostly just using 2 of 4 forces of the Universe. From Gravity, the electromagnetic, weak nuclear, and strong nuclear, we’ve used gravity and electromagetic forces for hydro, wind, petroleum and solar. We’ve used the Strong and Weak nuclear forces only a little.

There’s a lot more we can do. The weak nuclear force changes an up to down quark and releases an high speed electron (and anti-neutrino) from which we can make an electric force to power current technology.

We’ll all be in electric flying cars some day. We won’t be driving them (humans too unsafe).

I’m afraid time travel and teleportation are impossible. Sorry. Just have to accept electric flying robotic cars for the next big thing. Anti-gravity is also possible.

Anymore free tickets to the Alameda show today?? Would love to go with my husband!

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Anymore free tickets for SF expo? We may have 5 people able to go!

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Anymore tickets for the DC event? I’ve got a friend who’d like to go with me!

@TheDude what did you see?

I’m very interested in technology and the future of energy generation and storage.

California’s unreliable electricity and the push away from petroleum is going to make some interesting dilemmas.

Hello, are you still giving tickets? I filled the form a month ago for the miami expo but haven’t receive any response. Thanks in advance.