Wall chargers saying they have IQ and Qualcomm® Quick Charge

I just bought an iPhone 12 pro. It has the USB C charging port. , So do my family’s different, new iPads. (Haven’t looked at my new 16’ Mac to see WHAT it’s charging situation is!) (BTW, I’m not a spoiled brat for getting all of these things right now-ish, had to use some 529 funds to replace Frankensteined old laptops that were either half broken or VERY quirky)
Anyway, I am trying to by wall chargers and appropriate cords to match to maximize charging speed - even though speed isn’t that big a deal, I just want COMPATABLE voltage for my items, and for the first time in ordering cords from aAnker, I saw they vary. Started me spinning looking at everything on Amazon and I’m totally confused and have no idea what is comparable white what - AND I need the info about cords for my aging, yet still using my aging, yet still using (not for phones) Android devices. ( Which I’m phasing out to “escape” google, but have no decent charging cords for.)
I’m sorry for this very long request for help. I know people hate long texts. But I have A LOT to learn before I buy A LOT of wall chargers and cords that are not only (max) compatable with each other, but also Al my family’s diff. devices. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR READING THIS AND I REALLY APPRECIATE AND HELP ANYONE CAN PROVIDE. (I’ve spent 2 hours flipping between Amazon and this site already!) Thanks again for your patience.

If you still have these install LINUX. :laughing:

Regarding chargers :

I would contact the support, they should have the best overview what is offered by ANKER.

So you need some guidance in a way that leaves you more knowledgeable.

The first thing to look up is the charging protocols of your devices. If you go back say 5 years then USB was only 5 Volts and the differences were either 1 Amp or 2 Amps. Then protocols were invented where more than 5V and more than 2A were sent only when the receiver transmits a specific control message.

For your devices they support Power Delivery, which offers 5V to 20V and upto 5A, to give upto 100W.

So it’s impossible to break your devices and no harm done to buy an overly powerful charger.

Usually you want a powerful charger which is larger at home and a smaller travel charger which is not necessarily as powerful. So there are cost and size considerations.

iPhones max out at accepting 20W, your iPads (I’ve just looked up) is 30W, your Mac (I just looked up) is 87W.

You need to research the minimum Watts for your Mac, probably it won’t work with a 20W charger (not charge at all not just slowly), it’s probably got a 30W minimum, look it up in Mac forums.

Anker doesn’t particularly make 87W chargers so you probably have to look elsewhere. Or, Anker does make 65W chargers so if you’re comfortable with less than the fastest charger you can go for 65W instead of 87W.

I see from profile you are in USA. Some USA examples to consider.

20W for phone and will do a reasonable job of charging your iPad at 20W instead of its 30W maximum.

Example 30W chargers this one in stock soon

If you can’t wait then this is available now

An example 45W

Example 65W

Example 4 port charger it has one 45W which drops to 30W if you use the 2nd port which gets 18W, so you charger all your devices at the same time sharing 63W when your phone+iPad+Mac want ideally 18+30W+87W

Note that currently that last charger is a high price, it was discounted before so if no rush then wait for next discount.

Think about your travel needs, there do exist some 2 port chargers which go upto 65W there’s one coming out soon you might want to wait for.

For cables all Anker USBC to USBC cables are good, so select on price and look. For your Mac if you get a 87W charger , you need a 100W cables, as USB cables have a 60W max unless it states 100W. The cable is part of the negotiations, it states in a chip in the cable if it can handle 5W or not (3A).

So what you need to think about:

  • how many charging ports total do you want? Do you want to charge everything concurrently? E.g one phone plus two iPads plus Mac is 4 ports.
  • how much do you care about getting the fastest possible charging. Do you want 87W for Mac or will 65W or 45W be sufficient? iPhones can charge off less than 20W such as 10W older USB A ports. For example that 4 port charger will do a reasonable job to keep the Mac charged when one port is used and probably keep it charged when you also plug in phone or iPad for charging.
  • cable lengths. 3ft 6ft. Some shorter 1ft exist I think. I use Anker cables apart from a travel short 6 inch Amazon cable.
  • how urgently you need to buy. If not urgent then consider waiting for a discount. Check this for what we’ve seen recent weeks


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