Vote for the Name You Like Most 😎

So two issues, by definition, those who all said the same name will vote for themselves and so becomes more popular (self selection) and then each will expect to win.

So my suggestion is ignore each self vote and pick the first mention so make it fairest. Then you’ll get the actually most liked (excluding self likes) and have a an unbiased selection approach so none can feel badly.


Sounds good! :+1: well explained, hope Anker Team follows this too.

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Done voting! seems Protecto is winning so far @professor :+1:

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@Tank , I did not know there were that many smart people to pick that name :wink: :smile:

You know I hate thinking of another name after it is all over. LOL

Sir Gene Protector also know as Sir G Protector (get it Surge Protector) lolol

Protecto has a weakness, his own kind of Kryptonite. Anyone else see it?


His chest and arms are much stronger than his calves. As someone who recently broke his own shin bone, I would hope a more meaty pair of legs is given toProtecto .

So many great names kind of sad none of mine made the list but oh well

Personally I feel like if two people submitted the same name the prize should go to whoever said it first in the thread


Already voted for your name! Good luck! Hope you’re feeling better as well

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Personally I’d like the person creating three new accounts to vote would just stop. Its very obvious and I could do it too.

How do you know someone is creating new accounts just to vote?

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Look at who voted the last 4 have 3 new created accounts last minutes.

Stop it, I can figure it out who…

Definitely a little suspicious… not very sportsman like on their part if they are fake. I hope they are real. Maybe the person sent a link to their friends to vote. I don’t know I just hope it all goes well

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Now the 5th L0 created account 5 minutes ago voted up. Stop it. I know which of two it can be. Two users suggested it and one has voted for themselves already, so it points to an obvious but potentially incorrect conclusion.

Not saying all are fake but this is exceptionally unusual patterns


@AnkerOfficial can you please check for these accounts which are popping up just for the voting? :crazy_face:

good work @professor :muscle:

Members do need to remember, there are 2 sets of prizes… one for the chosen name (by vote) and one by the Anker team :wink: so no need to double, triple,… vote themselves :rofl:

Look for example these, they created an account then only did one thing which was vote. This thread isn’t yet pinned, I’d expect a small degree of new users doing but not to this degree.

I’m not saying all fake, that’s unlikely, but 5 such is looking very dodgy for an unpinned thread.


this is why Anker should not do anything based on likes.
it should be the opinion of the internal team. So much cheating going on here!



I think that’s specifically why they are doing two sets of prizes that way they get to pick one and then the others can vote

I think he looks like a Steve lol

Any hint of UK socket version?
Steve? Well there is a S on chest.

Watched The Boys and he looks like the bad guy Homelander?


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