"Visited the Community" question

Yes levels were easier initially

But when the PB and points were originally invented, the points were intended to be a gateway to privilege which didn’t happen, and bucks farming was diluting the value via worthless threads and replies just to farm bucks.

So now these are not really what anyone should be primarily seeking, more the one or twice a year you win the Powerdraw as a side effect of engagement, helping, contribution.

Imperfect, but working not too badly now? Active members who actually buy Anker products and help others via ownership product knowledge, tend to naturally accumulate bucks and so tend to be represented more Powerdraw winners, when they happen.

Not saying there isn’t a bug, just equally wrong so fairly wrong.

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Just a couple of months between, wow!

I can see why the level up points were increased. At that rate nearly all original members would be at VIP level.
Although it begs the question rather than to make it harder/impossible for most new members to get close to VIP, why not remove the higher levels and have an even gap between levels, maybe 6k, and not have a top level.
But that’s a conversation which I’m sure has already been discussed.

100% @professor

Discussion was here

It’s moot now as levels didn’t do anything real, it’s more a quasi sign of not being a noob. A 2016 member on L6 may have put less total effort in than a 2019 member on L6 so levels are not real now above about a L3

If you go further back …

So when the OP sees a bug, which is unfair, I see other historical unfair which kinds of make me think best to drop it and just share help on Anker products of we can.

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Yes, i did recall seeing this Nigel.
As points have changed significantly its much harder to rise in levels.
As we know, you can’t always count on the 5 points for visiting. Because of the 24hr cycle of timing’s you can’t always get maximum posting due to work and sleep.

As you say, the levels don’t do anything real.
But psychologically those at lower levels will nearly always aspire to reach the higher levels.

Are levels a thing of the past?
Should all levels have the same point value to level up?
Should the VIP levels go in favour of just a senior bracket just so new members can identify a level of authenticity to a response?

470 points minimum daily, plus an unlimited quantity from likes and replies, thats so crazy its slightly funny!

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Yeah better not worry about the points and just enjoy the community and friendship here :+1:


I don’t know which are worse, computer/software bugs or real bugs. Both bug so I suppose they are both bugs…or bugs that bug.

I suppose a computer/software bug is better off being called a bug rather than an insect.

Too bad I wasn’t here for those easy level ups :joy:

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No, I just recognise the old fashioned way (I remember) an active helpful member, don’t really need a level at all.

I was against the Star Contributor program for that reason.

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Just had this and not sure what it is/means!

And it takes me to this,

Likely the storage location changed and they rehosted from old to new, compare URL.

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That’s what I have tried to tell , but… :wink:

There are so beautiful bugs.
Some time ago there were photos published when talking about bugs.


This is a lovely one. :rofl:

Cached copies of images to the community server from the external host(s)…likely to cut down on possible viruses/malware tampering going forward…

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Thanks @ndalby

Yes that’s the most common to rehost the image so if the source image changed you can’t insert new image content past the moderator. Imagine the spammers opportunity if you didn’t, someone could point to a link of an image of a kitten, then the backend site points to, say, Aukey is awesome image.

The odd thing in this example was it rehosted Anker’s existing hosted image. Suspect a replatform changed something (S3 bucket type looks likely).


Who on earth is Aukey?.. a new member here :wink:

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Who is “Aukey”? A special friend from “Daukey” .

"Hocky Docky" :rofl:

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I suddenly understand your [alls] cavalier disregard🤥. It certainly seems to be, how did you put it professor, less than equally unfair.

:thinking:Kinda makes me wonder how we’re nigh 60 posts in and instead of sharing knowledge I’ve gotten tut tut condescension. No community from gatekeepers, unless you’re gatekeepers :no_entry: