USB C to Ethernet stops working after sleep

I have the Anker USB C to Ethernet adapter. It works well until the laptop goes to sleep. When I wake it back up, I have to unplug/replug the adapter in order for it to be recognized.

Is this a setting with Windows 10 or the laptop that I need to change?

Thanks much for any suggestions.

As far I consider this could be an issue of WIN10,
I am a LINUXER so these kind of problems are quite normal! :rofl:

If you get no satisfying answers from other WIN users here,
you should do more research on Win forums

There is no WiFi to this network adapter, only Ethernet. If I leave it for a long time, it often stops working; if I put it to sleep, it often does not work upon wake up.

Thanks for writing to AnkerDirect with you issue

To enable the device to not shut off on standby.
Please follow the steps below.

1.Find Device manager

2.Look for Universal Serial Bus Controllers—USB Root Hub right click USB Root Hub then select properties,

3.On the tabs above find Power Management— uncheck the box “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” and then click “ok”. Reboot the laptop/computer to see if it

If the issue still persists, you can contact us via [] and we will be more than happy to help you out as per the 18-month warranty policy.

thank you so much @AnkerSupport:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Having this same issue with a 555 hub connected to MacBook Pro 13 M1. Using the hub primarily for ethernet connect to network. Once laptop enters sleep mode the 555 hub will not reboot unless something additional is inserted - Thumbdrive, USB-C power, etc. The white power light on the 555 flashes on and off until an additional device is connected to “wake it up”.

Troubleshooting efforts:

  1. Remove and reinsert 555 hub after MBP wakes from sleep mode. Result: White power light continues to flash on/off and MBP does not recognize device. A couple of messages to accept device flash on screen at same rate as 555 power light, then quit.

  2. Remove 555 hub and reboot MBP. When MBP is fully restarted, reinsert 555 hub. Result: same as troubleshooting #1.

  3. Leave 555 hub connected to USB-C port after MBP goes into sleep mode. After MBP resumes, insert USB-C power into second MBP USB-C slot to assure low power mode not involved. Result: 555 hub power light continues to flash and hub does not return to operation.

  4. Leave 555 hub connected to USB-C port after MBP goes into sleep mode. After MBP resumes, insert USB-A thumb drive or USB-C power cable into 555 hub. Result: becomes fully functional. Adding something to an open port on the 555 hub after sleep mode and while 555 hub power light is flashing appears to be the only way to “wake” the 555 hub and return it to operation.

I have the same issue as above on my MacBook Pro. After the machine sleeps the hub does not wake. Are there any fixes for this? Thanks.

Hello Christopher -
Unfortunately I found no solution. I contacted Anker CS by phone and email. Was told my issue would be referred to a senior tech support specialist and I would be contacted. Have not been contacted. I returned the hub.