[US] First Discounts on Roav's New Cordless Products!



Great post, collection of new Roav items,

Why is it that when we click on links it does not automatically open in new windows? have to manually click to open in new tab… most websites have the links to open in new window or tabs, like news.google.com


I want one of these for my garden


Wouldn’t be fitting here in our garden.
Too many flowers around.

May be for the lawn at Liverpool’s stadium. :grinning:


I’d been down for testing a Roav version of that :heart_eyes:


Guess it’s time to update my ROAV deals thread with the codes :joy::joy:


Nice deals! I didn’t know Roav expanded to this


That couple in the commercial must be really bored to be seating outside watching that little robot mowing the lawn :joy:


I already have the Hydro Clean - which I love.

Not sure about the Chain Saw or Leaf Blower. Price seems a bit steep, plus I already use the Ryobi suite of tools, would rather stick with their 18V line and not have to keep buying new batteries/chargers.

Would love to test the chainsaw though :joy:


The 40v system that Home Depot work great for small properties. When I lived in town, we had a very small property to maintain. I could mow, edge, string trim in 15 to 20 minutes and another 20 minutes to trim the bushes and hedges. I also have a 9 foot battery powered 9 inch pole saw and a 10 inch battery powered chain saw that I used several times a years to limb up the trains and remove dead limbs. I only had two or 3 trees to deal with.

With my large acreage property I currently have, battery and electric won’t work. I still use my pole saw and saw to work on the trees every year. I end up using 3 large cap. batteries in a two hour period. I find this still to be lighter and cheaper than using gas powered saws.


These prices are more reasonable.

I need another small pressure washer and at this price, it may be the one I end up getting.


The biggest thing for me is just the ease of use - string trimmers, chain saws - I would probably use 2-3 times a year.

I don’t wanna deal with the oil, gas, etc to maintain.


Roav’s Chainsaw is on sale for just $179.99 via Amazon.com. Be sure to clip the coupon on the listing and apply code ROAVCC22 at checkout to redeem this offer.



No flamethrower?

Maybe the prior suggestion (joke as it may have been) was disregarded for fear of Boring Co. lawsuit… if not practicality. :grin:


Already on the market.


doubt he’s branded, but I bet some folks would be interested in “him”


Helps keep the house warm not only in winter!


I can test that pressure washer :slight_smile:


Me too, might be better than a usual shower! :joy:


Has anyone purchased a Roav Chainsaw or Leafblower?

Interested in the Chainsaw, but was hoping to get some feedback.

Anyone, anyone?


(Insert Cricket noice here)