[US] First Discounts on Roav's New Cordless Products!



Roav’s 36V Cordless Leaf Blower is on sale for just $129.99 via Amazon.com. To redeem this offer, simply apply promotional code ROAVFF22 at checkout.

Features & details

  • Hurricane-Force Cleaning: With a top wind speed of 220 mph and a working time of up to 30 minutes, clear your entire yard, driveway, or patio of debris without running out of power.
  • You Can Handle It: Direct the airflow with pinpoint accuracy to dislodge every last leaf on your property with the responsive and ergonomic handle.
  • A Quieter Clean: Roav 36V Leaf Blower is quieter than a traditional gas blower, meaning you clean up your yard without irritating your neighbors or damaging your hearing.
  • No More Gas: Unlike a gas blower, Roav 36V Leaf Blower produces zero emissions, meaning you can clean up your yard without breathing in noxious fumes or polluting the environment.
  • Worry-Free Warranty: Here at Roav, we have total confidence in our products, which is why we back Roav 36V Leaf Blower with a 3-year warranty, and the battery with a 1-year warranty. We’ll replace any defective products, no questions asked.

In addition, Roav’s 36V Cordless Chainsaw is on sale for $215.99 via Amazon.com. Be sure to apply code ROAVCC22 at checkout.

Features & details

  • A Cut Above the Rest: Roav 36V Chainsaw is capable of getting up to 148 cuts from a single charge, enough for you to complete any task in a single session. Note: Work time varies depending on the type and thickness of the wood.
  • Less Noise, Happier Neighbors: Tame your yard without annoying your neighbors or damaging your hearing. The battery and the brushless motor work together to create a quieter working environment compared to a gas chainsaw.
  • Smell That? No Gas: Unlike a traditional gas-powered tool, Roav 36V Chainsaw releases no harmful emissions, meaning you can breathe free and easy as you work.
  • Get a Handle on Things: Be in full control of your chainsaw at all times. Make safe, precise cuts from multiple angles while holding the fully wrap-around handle and non-slip grip.
  • Worry-Free Warranty: Here at Roav, we have total confidence in our products, which is why we back Roav 36V Chainsaw with a 3-year warranty. We’ll replace any defective products, no questions asked.

Finally, Roav’s HydroClean Electric Pressure Washer is on sale for $119.99 via Amazon.com. Don’t forget to apply code ROAVWP22 at checkout.

Features & details

  • Clean Deeper: A powerful 1800W motor forces out 1.78 gallons of water per minute for an incredible 2100 psi of pressure. Remove even deeply saturated dirt and grime in seconds.
  • Custom Clean: 3 nozzles allow you to adjust the focus of your spray to suit any surface. Use a dispersed spray to gently clean your car, focus it to wash your house, or tighten it to scour your driveway.
  • Long Reach: A 35 ft long cable and 19.6 ft long hoses ensure you have enough reach to clean all around your porch, patio, driveway, or yard.
  • Easy Setup: Start cleaning in minutes. Simply assemble the pressure washer, connect a hose, choose a nozzle, and plug in.
  • Worry-Free Warranty: We have total confidence in our products and back them with a 12-month warranty. We will replace any defective product within 12 months of purchase, so use your Roav product without any worries.

Personally, I believe the best deal is on the leaf blower. Will you be ordering your first Roav product with this sale? Let us know with a reply!


Nice deals. I personally don’t believe in electric lawn tools, but I think these look excellent for most people!


Do you know what kind of battery these run on (chainsaw and leaf blower)? These don’t seem like the kind of thing Anker would make but then maybe they are leveraging their battery production.


3.0 AH. Don’t know much more than that.


Their color scheme for the leaf blower and chainsaw reminds me of the TackLife brand… I like it. But I love love the green on the pressure washer. :wink:


I believe the Pressure washer and the leaf blower are a good combo to wash the car and other duties. I just have a hard time thinking where will I use the chain saw :thinking:


Hmmm, battery driven saw?
Should be tested : heavy duty?


Great post, collection of new Roav items,

Why is it that when we click on links it does not automatically open in new windows? have to manually click to open in new tab… most websites have the links to open in new window or tabs, like news.google.com


I want one of these for my garden


Wouldn’t be fitting here in our garden.
Too many flowers around.

May be for the lawn at Liverpool’s stadium. :grinning:


I’d been down for testing a Roav version of that :heart_eyes:


Guess it’s time to update my ROAV deals thread with the codes :joy::joy:


Nice deals! I didn’t know Roav expanded to this


That couple in the commercial must be really bored to be seating outside watching that little robot mowing the lawn :joy:


I already have the Hydro Clean - which I love.

Not sure about the Chain Saw or Leaf Blower. Price seems a bit steep, plus I already use the Ryobi suite of tools, would rather stick with their 18V line and not have to keep buying new batteries/chargers.

Would love to test the chainsaw though :joy:


The 40v system that Home Depot work great for small properties. When I lived in town, we had a very small property to maintain. I could mow, edge, string trim in 15 to 20 minutes and another 20 minutes to trim the bushes and hedges. I also have a 9 foot battery powered 9 inch pole saw and a 10 inch battery powered chain saw that I used several times a years to limb up the trains and remove dead limbs. I only had two or 3 trees to deal with.

With my large acreage property I currently have, battery and electric won’t work. I still use my pole saw and saw to work on the trees every year. I end up using 3 large cap. batteries in a two hour period. I find this still to be lighter and cheaper than using gas powered saws.


These prices are more reasonable.

I need another small pressure washer and at this price, it may be the one I end up getting.


The biggest thing for me is just the ease of use - string trimmers, chain saws - I would probably use 2-3 times a year.

I don’t wanna deal with the oil, gas, etc to maintain.


Roav’s Chainsaw is on sale for just $179.99 via Amazon.com. Be sure to clip the coupon on the listing and apply code ROAVCC22 at checkout to redeem this offer.



No flamethrower?

Maybe the prior suggestion (joke as it may have been) was disregarded for fear of Boring Co. lawsuit… if not practicality. :grin: