Updated: Admin Query: Interest in Digi Meetup

Update: I’ll be hosting two community member meetings. Sign up details to come. In the meantime, pencil in 11-11:30 a.m. (5 p.m. GMT) on Thursday, May 18 or 7-7:30 (1 a.m. GMT) on Tuesday, May 23.

Hey hey … gauging interest in a live meetup to discuss the opportunities to grow, strengthen and improve the forum(s). I want to get a deeper sense of what’s really important to this community going forward.

If you’re interested, please comment below with responses to these questions:

  • What’s the best day and time of day for you?

  • What’s the ideal number of participants for an online meeting?

  • Anything else I should consider? (I’m already thinking on gifting, friends!)

I pledge to you all that in advance of this meeting, I will have compiled and thoughtfully reviewed your contributions to the community collaboration thread to drive a productive conversation. I will do my best to create something visual to share out. (I’m not sure what that would look like yet.) I will also create an agenda (because meetings without agendas are like boats without rudders).


This sounds like a great idea!! Heck, I wouldn’t mind something like this every so often just to put faces/voices with names! I don’t have a recommendation on day or time as I’m pretty flexible. As for number of people, that’s hard to say. Maybe 12-20? Or maybe offer three times with only 5-10 slots per time? Long story short, I don’t think you can go wrong.


Like minds, like minds. I was thinking a few smaller-member sessions would be beneficial, and a regular thing would be smart, too. Thanks for weighing in!

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Definitely would be interested! I think maybe fifteen or less people would be good with some shorter sessions maybe less than 30 minutes?

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I think that would be great not sure how you would find a time that works for everyone since we are all in different time zones and a lot of us work so the time after works will be different. Personally anytime after 5pm est during the week works for me and any time on the weekends. Ideally not too many or if you do it on zoom you could do a large group and then create little break out rooms that people could join and leave depending on conversations and such.

Regardless really great idea would be nice to get to talk to all the people I feel like I have known for years

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I agree–timing it to sync with so many schedules will be impossible. I’m leaning towards having a few sessions and timing them in consideration of timezones. Thankya!

This user runs meetings.

I like your style @Mtsurumo