UPDATE PowerCore III 10000mah Wireless REVIEW

Great review!!! Thanks for adding pics too!!:+1:


Thanks @abigail.dmorais
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I just have to say, this is an awesome review. I often find myself wishing for more technical details (especially in reviews of new products), but your description was commendable.

One question- how do the dimensions of this charger compare to the PowerCore Slim 10000 PD, or any of the “slim” chargers? Curious about its thickness as well.


Slim 10000 PD 5.89 x 2.70 x 0.57 inches

So it appears if you could place these alongside, the wireless Powercore would look a fraction longer, same width but significantly thicker. Of course a photo would help.


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Thanks do much for your support, that really means a lot to me :+1:t2:
I looked at this product and whatever angle i came from i could only really do it justice with real life technical details. As let’s face it, there’s not much to say about a PowerCore from an experience perspective.

Ive been tied up in important meetings and can see my secretary @professor has added information to answer your question :sunglasses:



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Great review!


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Fantastic looking product, just the sort of thing I would need.

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I can’t see how anyone wouldn’t benefit from something like this @Sarah_Jones4

People without wireless products (e.g. myself) have no need yet. But yes, I think the product after this one will sell really well, when they ditch the gimmicky rattling stand and embed the ring in the plastic top to make it thinner.

As soon as my phone dies I’m getting new phone which is almost certainly going to have wireless and I’m thinking I’d carry this next version Powercore Wireless and put my phone on it when sat down anywhere to keep it going without need to carry or connect a cable. Overnight is add Nano and cable.

I wish Anker would come here and consult with us. Who here would have asked for a stand…

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I have zero need for the stand as it is.
If the charger had a stand in the back so a phone could be charged and held at an angle, that would be a little more beneficial @professor

It would be nice to have some feedback or consultation from Marketing and Technical after a review from the Testing Club. Unless they are lurking in the background taking notes!

Additional info added;

Wired Charging USB A Port Samsung Galaxy S20+ using PowerLine II Gen2 USB C-A

Phone was completely discharged with Airplane mode on.

Phone from flat showed 1hr 32m until full.
Phone to 25% - 22m draw 14.5w (8.58v at 1.69A)
Phone to 50% - 42m draw 14.5w (8.55v at 1.69A)
Phone to 75% - 1hr 2m draw 14.5w (8.54v at 1.69A)
Phone to 100% - 1hr 33m draw 5.1w (8.63v at 0.6A)

Draw from phone gradually reduced from 81% charge.
Voltage remained constant at 8.62 as the amps reduced until the phone was at 100%

The PowerCore charged the phone from completely flat to full - 1 full charge plus 53%

So with a 4500mah battery. That gives a total wired USB A output of 6885mah

Temp at 50% charge with phone sitting on the PowerCore for the duration - front 34.8° back 33.6°

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So the A port performed same as C port?

Odd as the A port is IQ, not IQ2 so it should be just 5V , not 9V.

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Minor differences between the 2 @professor
The new info is certainly from the USB A port.
I didn’t know if the almost identical results are down to the phone being picky and needing a PPS charger to get fast charging speeds. So drew the same from the PowerCore regardless?

On the point of PPS though, I did note that the phone charged from the USB C port with a C to C cable.
This doesn’t work on any other Anker charger I have - I have to use a C to Micro cable and add a Micro to C.
Although I can’t find comment in the descriptions that this PowerCore was PPS.

One thing that is disappointing is how much the wired charging output dropped when dropping something on the wireless pad - and that was just a pair of buds!

Ahh now I squint a 3rd time, the error is mine. You’re good.

It is still very odd an IQ port is giving 9V when its meant to give 5V. That is probably why the performance is nearly identical.

The Qi standard has the transmitter unable to present other than the full Wattage, so it makes sense the Powercore has to drop its wired output a lot. I expect though this can be improved in version 3. It’s only their 2nd attempt of this concept, pretty good effort for version2?

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I think it’s a decent product as is,but maybe at a regular price of £29.99, not £39.99.
Improvements on my wish list to encourage me to purchase a 3rd Gen would be:
15-20k mah so I could get a full charge of phone and tablet.
2 USB C outputs - USB A is just a hole gathering dust in my opinion.
Smaller or no drop in wired output when wireless charging.
Stand on back of PowerCore to view device while wirelessly charging.
I would be happy paying £35-40 for that! @professor

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