[Upcoming Release] PowerPort Atom III Pod 65W | Anker's First Charger with PPS!

Has this one been replaced by the non-atom version in the store right now? That one seems to not have GaN but MiniFuel instead but the rest of the specs are the same.

As suggested above is the power plug removable or will there be a travel edition or one with an EU plug?

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Yes, here is the new thread:

And yes, this will be available with an EU plug soon.

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Sorry I’m a little late to this, but I just discovered this today (I’m in Edmonton, Canada FYI) on amazon.ca and I ordered it. Super excited! I have a Qway U2p (usb power meter with protocol trigger) that I am eager to test out PPS on. This is awesome, as it is super hard to find Usb power adapters with PPS. Most people need PPS to charge things like samsung galaxy s20, but I need it for development and tinkering purposes.