Unlock the power of eufy Doorbell - Motion Detection

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Got it, 4mb, the incremental upgrade of 2 to 4mb “should be” good for most cases, but i do agree with you concern / request.

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Hey, dear new Doorbell users, welcome to join the eufy family!:relaxed:
We’re just dropping in to see how you’re getting on with your Doorbell. Is everything working well?
If you have any issues or anything you want to share with us, please let us know!
Look forward to hearing from you guys.

Finally implement the same smart and working multi-dot motion detection activity zones feature to the eufy cam! Only if motion is detected in the defined zones, video is recording. Else: NOT!

We are waiting for this since almost one year now!

Ive just installed the Video doorbell. Its great except it thinks the rim of my care is a person. So it records for aleast 4mins afew times a day. Then on the rareity it things my front tree is a person. Maybe an update to the software to stop this?

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Is there a way to easily see all the saved videos on the Eufy drive & easily delete them all at once? I’m going through the videos week by week, day by day & deleting the videos I don’t want. This is a slow & tedious process. Is there a way to see a month at a time or even all the saved videos at once?
Thank you!


I’d imagine it is the same as the Floodlight Cam and Homebase. If you go into My Devices in the Eufy Security app, go into the Doorbell, and Camera Storage - You can hit clear storage from there.

The only way to do this if you don’t have cloud subscription is via the eufy security app. As @Ryan_Mullins said, go to devices and you need to go for each day and select all videos if you want and hit delete.

Motion detection for all activity with an activity zone set is not working for people but works for every single headlight that goes by. Seems like motion detection could be more sensitive and needs more zones that we can set.

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I still have that problem for same car feature (hubcaps). I have even excluded it from the motion detection area with the polygon. I have already used the exclusion square for some trees that can resemble a person in the right lighting.

A support chat person just referred me to this guide to help with my eufy doorbell cam (2k, battery)… but this suggests all sorts of options I don’t have. Sensitivity is just a slider from low to high. I can select between All Motion or Human Only. Is this guide out of date? Or is it for a different product?

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Instead of do this
I need HOW

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My doorbell alerts every 30 seconds due to a flag gently waving in the breeze. I read the instructions above, but this functionality is NOT in the Eufy Security app. Is this only possible for monthly subscribers??

Furthermore, the doorbell is set for motion and people but never registers people. Why?? I stare directly at it and it only registers motion, so I cannot filter the hundreds of events by type.

The products both doorbell and cameras are a bunch of junk! I’ve followed all their suggestions of changing settings and bla, bla bla! The junk works for a few days then I get notifications up the azzzzz of motion from my driveway of every vehicle passing by over 30’ away. Additionally, the camera detects me leaving but doesn’t detect me coming home! WTF did I teleport back inside my garage the camera inside captured me…:thinking: how the hell did that happen! A few days prior no activity captured when it was -22 degrees now constant activity well which is it? Completely unreliable junk !