Unboxing Therapy Review: Anker Highlights

Thought y’all might enjoy this review … and I’ll note that some of these products are in our Prime Sale!


The 737: $99

And the lavalier mic from AnkerWork. $180 in black.

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I would call this not a review,

I don’t like those unboxing videos so much.
Containing mostly absolutely no significant messages, only pure propaganda.
But this one is OK.
Short and significant
Much better than others we have seen so often on YT.

Never forget :
There are some excellent “testers” here taking part in that forum. eg. @TechnicallyWell
May be they are not so skilled in creating a perfect video
and not such excellent “actors” who usually create Yt videos for ANKER.

But I would believe in their opinions much more
than this “empty verbiage” created by those “actors”
who are paid for producing only exuberant propaganda.

But that’s only my humble opinion. :thinking: