Unable to add Homebase 2, help?

I don’t understand it enough to be honest. All I know is that support basically told me “Homebase 2 will not work with a mesh network”. Then, I refused to believe that was true and fixed it. I now have a bunch of Eufy cameras hooked up to the HomeBase on my mesh network without issues.

As I understand it, Homebase to camera does not use Wi-fi, it does use 2.4Ghz. Homebase can use Wi-fi to network.

When Eufy says doesn’t work with mesh I think they mean you can’t have a long distance between Homebase and camera mitigation via mesh.

But you can connect the Homebase to any WiFi network once setup, including to a mesh.

We’ve had a lot of threads where camera cannot (reliably) connect to Homebase due to distance / walls and wouldn’t benefit from mesh. We had to suggest other methods like Powerline or mesh to move Homebase nearer to camera.

I mean… I was standing right next to my router and was wired. So, I really didn’t understand why it wouldn’t work. But, I’m just happy it works now.

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2 days ago I installed the eufy doorbell (battery) with homebase 2 as described in the manual. It worked fine right away.
After 2 days the power went out at our home and was restored after 1 hour. After this I could no longer request images (error -21), despite the light being solid blue. I then reset the homebase 2 and tried to install it again, but cannot connect to the homebase 2 through my phone when installing.
All checked below:
1 Please make sure your router has internet access.
2 Please make sure your HomeBase 2 has booted up and the LED is blue.
3 Please make sure you have scanned the QR code on the bottom of HomeBase 2.
4 If you are unable to scan the QR code, you can manually enter the code.
5 Make sure you click the SYNC / ALARM OFF button located on the back of HomeBase 2 when you heard the sound tip.
6 Please check if you have set the firewall or whitelist in your router.

Homebase 2 is blinking with BLUE color light.
Homebase with ethernet cable direct to the same router as where my wifi signal comes from.
QR code scanned, OK
Also pressing the sync / alarm button (long or short) after message does not help
WiFi is 2.4 Ghz
Mobile: Rebooted my phone couple of time, reinstalled the app couple of times. None worked.
Device: On / Off Homebase2, reset, pull-out the power line and plug-in. None worked.

Thank you for your response!
Paul van de Kamp

Hi Paul,

Your story is exactly like mine.
I almost think that it’s a server problem, like a process hanging at the anker servers.
I installed mine thursday got a power outage yesterday and not able to add the homebase with a blue blinking led.

I have sent my message to the helpdesk support@eufylife.com I am very curious about their response.

Same problem.Helped me reset with pin hole on back side.

So I think this may be an issue that the Eufy server was down by coincidence when you had a power outage.

If there is a power outage then best during the outage to turn everything off and ideally unplug anything not heavy duty (so everything but the refrigerator, heating, etc).

When the power is restored there is a power spike followed by a brown out when the heavy duty items come on. This can leave non-heavy-duty items in a confused state.

If you didn’t unplug the items during the outage, if they are confused, then:

  • turn off everything including router.
  • turn on router, let it connect, settle down
  • turn on any homebase, settle down
  • turn on everything else, settle down
  • wait
  • if the service doesn’t come back up, small chance the outage locally by coincidence the service is down.

I think what happened is coincidence the Eufy servers were partially down, the authentication server was down so you could not add at the time. This is why delete and add is not always the best idea, you force an authentication, it’s can be better to wait.

Most services don’t force authentication each time as that forces a long outage recovery, they do an infrequent authentication then cache a token in memory and most units will reconnect using the token.

So don’t always delete re-add, often wait.

support replied to me that i should test it again because of a network outage.
Still blinking blue led, even after a reset using the pinhole.
Replied that it still isn’t working.

There is no valid technology reason for such a long outage.

Either they went low cost in architecture or inexperienced architect.

There are good reasons for a few minutes of outages but not hours. The best architecture can get outages down to around a minute.

New firmware for homebase2 today!!!Problem solved!! And rmy cameras has been long distanc for trnsmision.From 1 to 2-3 bary .

I am very dissapointed in the support from anker.
Yesterday morning they asked me to try again because it should work, it didn’t.
immediately i responded that it still didn’t work. At the afternoon i called the support line asking what could be done, she told she would put engineer on it.
This morning i had an e-mail to send a small movie clip of the error and the serial number (had already given twice). This morning i made the clip and suplied the number, no response, video hasn’t been watched yet.
If it isn’t fixed tomorrow i definitely going to send back the doorbell and base.
One and a half day working, 3 days downtime…


I have the same problem. The cameras worked until the failure of the Eufy servers 2 weeks ago. Since then I try to reconnect the Homebase with the app without success. I have meanwhile replaced the HomeBase, but continue to have the same problem. I have tried the tips here and it tried at least 50 times without success. The Anker support was not really a help except for the exchange of the HomeBase. Is there another tip? I use a Fritzbox and an iPad or iPhone.

Thank you very much.

Many greetings Markus

really sounds like you understand the issue but I have no idea what you are saying

Same boat. I’m in Qatar.
Have two homebases. Neither will connect to the app. Tried manually entering the code and using QR code.

The customer support then basically said the homebase doesn’t work outside of US (which if true makes me wonder why).

Either way despite trying to push that sync button (never mentions when or for how long), nothing works at all.

Only thing I can think of is my net gear Orbi router settings which I’m going to go through later. I even switched off the security guard in it.

This shouldn’t be so hard for so many people.

Having just been the same issues as listed here and with the help of Wireshark to packet trace. I noticed that Eufy and the Eufy Security App were sending out Apple HomeKit Mulitcast (MDNS) packets. I flicked over to the Apple Home App on my iPhone and created a new Home and then Add Accessory and scanned the QR code on the bottom of Eufy. Once I completed that set up in Home App, I flicked back to the Eufy Security App and used Add Device and followed the instructions in the App and everything worked this time. A frustrating few days for my Partner (Non-Technical) and then a few hours for me, but once over this hurdle it all worked fine. Hope this helps you all too.

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Having the same issue! Unable to add homebase 2!

Thank you!

Friends, good night. Greetings from Chile.
After 5 days of bad support.
Try connecting homebase2 to apple homekit app. I read the QR and effectively linking manva2 with my home network (router). With this rule out if it was a software or hardware error. With the homebase2 already connected to my network, I tried to link from the eufy security application. As a result, being 3:06 AM I can sleep peacefully homebase2 + 2 cameras work at 100.

Greetings. And thanks for being such bad professionals the support team.

Lo and behold, I was able to connect!
I set the country to US in the app, and were able to add the homebase2. Thanks @Kei7 for this idea.