Unable to add eufy camera to homebase


I just bought a 4 pack eufy camera and 1 pack eufy camera from JB. I am able to add all the camera to the home base except 1. As soon as I try to add , it says, “Unable to Add device”.

rest of the 4 added camera and home base working fine.

Please help.

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Would you please reach out to support@eufylife.com so they can look into this for you? Thanks!

As above…

Polite message as to the problem
Where you bought it from
A copy of the receipt/order number
Serial number for the item in question.

They will get back to you but can take a few days.

Good luck

Probably you had a cam with wrong region. Check with support@eufylife.com to confirm if this is the case, you will have to replace the camera from JB.

Hello! @Zamir Sincerely apologize for all inconvenience caused by the camera adding! Could you please try the following steps to see whether it helps?

-Turning off your camera by pressing the Sync button for five times in succession with a fast speed until three beeps are heard, and then restart it by a long press of Sync button until a beep is heard.

If it works, please try following the instructions in the eufy security App to add the camera.

If no, please try charging the camera by one of the following two ways and then try pairing the camera: 1. Connect the camera with the USB port on the back of HomeBase (HomeBase has one USB charging port with Anker Power IQ Technology. Charging via HomeBase from 0 to 100% takes about 4 hours in a general way). 2. Connect the camera with a 5V/2A or 9V/2A USB charger and cable. Please observe whether there is red indicator on the camera when it is being charged.

If the camera still fails to be paired after charging, please try the following steps: 1. Rebooting the HomeBase (Steps: Unplug the AC power adapter>Press the CYCLE button located on the left of the AC power outlet>Re-plug the AC power adapter); 2. A long press of the SYNC button for 10 seconds until 2 beeps are heard (this step is for complete clearance of previous pairing-related information to avoid any possible interference). 3. Try to add the camera according to the steps showing in the App (Slide the left menu>Go to My Devices>Click ‘+’ on the right top>Select associated devices>Follow the instructions for camera adding).

If all those above-mentioned steps fail to resolve the camera setup, please get a replacement from Australia JB Hi-Fi. Sincerely thank you for your valuable time!

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I have the same problem.
Last month I purchased the Eufy HomeBase + 2 Camera pack.

It was a breeze to setup and install the system. All have been working fine, and I am pleased with the system.
This month, I decided I needed another camera, and bought an additional one.

However, even after following the same procedures as the 1st 2 cameras, I am unable to add the new camera.

Always the same “unable to add the device” error.

I followed the troubleshooting steps above and still failed to add the camera. Figuring that the camera must be faulty, I returned it to JB Hifi for a replacement, and got a brand new camera in exchange.

However, this camera faces the same problem as well. I don’t think 2 brand new cameras can be faulty - so it must be the process, or the homebase.

Please advise how I can get this camera added and functional. Thanks!

Just in case, make sure you are doing that from the main Admin account, not a guest account.
I had that problem once, and did not realize I was logged into the app with my wife’s guest account…

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Update: I managed to solve the problems finally with assistance from Eufy AU support desk.

Basically the original 2 camera set I purchased had been the Eufy original series camera. And the new single camera I got is the Eufy Cam 2. So the new one is not compatible with the homebase by default.

I had to update the firmware on the homebase to the latest version, and then the installation was again a breeze.

So everything is ok for me now. Thanks everyone for the interest. Please check for firmware as one of your troubleshooting steps if you encounter a similar issue.

Cheers, and stay safe from Coronavirus!

@TusEufy: can you please share me the details of the Eufy AU Support desk? I am having trouble in getting battery doorbell added to the homebase 2.

Apreciate it.

Good Morning, I have a homebase2 and four eufycam2. It was all working fine. But I bought another eufycam and was not able to add it to the app/ home base so had to cycle home base. Now I can’t add any of the camera. Tried everything. Can you please help.

Hi Mate, I have exactly same problem. Did you find any solution?