UK 4 port 65W charger £35

This is not the lowest price for this product (was £32).

This is a good travel charger where you have a lot of devices and/or where the wall socket is in an inconvient location - e.g. B&B where usually there’s only 1 socket far from the bed.

45W is sufficient for most laptops to be charged if they take USB-C.

Supports PPS for faster charging of Samsung, it may even be the SuperFast 2.0 45W but that’s not been tested but will do 25W.

I have the near-identical predecessor 63W the main difference is the 18W port became 20W.


Nice find, I have an older version that we got last year, and quite like it.

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I saw this on Amazon @professor and thought of you.
Still waiting for the 4 x USBC version to land…

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My watch, buds, flashlight are USBA MicroB so I’m looking for a USBA port.

But these are all low Wh needs and I can charge them off my Powercore which is USBA and USBC at a stretch.

I need 3 USBC ports so yes more USBC ports chargers needed

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Appreciate the share

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No no no @professor
Not a USB A port, you need USBC to Micro cables :wink:

I bought a couple of these as still have the old Boost 20w and the LC40.
One at home, one in my charging travel pack and one in the car to keep the LC40 topped up - it kives in the car now as an emergency torch for breakdowns etc.

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Cool. I’ll sleep on buying some, I use the free bundled short A-B cables I have and some bought Anker C-B adapters. I just got home from 5 nights away and have my Nano, Powercore 20000, Amazon basics C-C, A-B and a B-C. My A port is the Powercore.

Your idea means I’d have just one cable, the C-B and B-C adapter, advantage if my Powercore died my Nano can still charge my B needs.

I have an Anker car-starter kit in my car, can be a powerbank and has a flashlight. Quite pricey but got in a sale about 3 years pre-inflation.

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This one does work on my new laptop, it’s maximum power needs are 45W but works off 30W, 18W and 10W so all of this charger’s ports work for me. I traveled last week with this charger and it met nearly all my needs. I do though commonly need 5 ports. They did use to make a 60W 5 port with one 30W.

I have 3 Powerports with 45W and even more with 18W so I don’t really need to buy any chargers right now. I did look at Anker’s current set. Expensive…

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I am hoping to go camping next week and from my last camping experience, when I had one Nano 18W port, I’d like to go next with a 18W and 10W port. I happen to already own 3 of such chargers over last 3 years.

Their newest chargers are not that much smaller, and their older chargers are higher cost now.

That’s 60% inflation in less than 3 years.

I walk / bus / train and sleep in tent and use sockets where when I can. Depending on the carriage some trains have USB A ports, others UK 240V sockets, some buses have USB A ports. Pubs have 240V sockets. So I’m leaving home with my house on my back with a 20000 PD 18W Powercore, the above charger, a longer USBA to C cable and a shorter USBC to C cable.

They’d get my money if they made a smaller version of a dual C socket charger. How many years does it take to make a better product?