Thread: April Showers Bring May Power ⚡️

Hey everyone… Happy May!!

It’s a new month which means (hopefully) better weather and more big things in store! :sunny::zap:

We’re creating this thread so that over the next week we can help identify some of the best specs, features, and details included with the new 757 PowerHouse.

Before we jump in, this is just a quick reminder that if you’re interested in purchasing one of the new PowerHouses when they become available on May 9th, be sure you go claim your Early Bird Coupon Offer to save $200!

There’s only 4 days left :alarm_clock:

AND most importantly… we want to hear from YOU (see below).

But first, we have to show you what our friends over at Wild Wonderful Off-Grid have to say about their powerstation after using it for the past couple of months.

If anyone knows the value that the 757 provides, it’s these two! :point_down:

After watching the Wild Wonderful Off-Grid segment on the 757, we want to know if the portable powerstation is something you could picture yourself using, and if so, how would you use it? Outdoor projects? A roadtrip or camping trip? A day at the beach with friends?

We’ll be in the thread responding to your replies, so let us know!!

Lastly, make sure you stay tuned throughout May…

We’ve got more products, announcements, and community activities lined up. We mean it when we say we’re just getting started :wink:


In California now that we have a “fire season” due to climate change, it would be a life saver for our fridge when we have constant “public safety power shutoffs”. The 757 would save us tons of money on food that goes bad during that time! The generator we currently have is loud and has to be turned off at night. This would be a quiet and safe way to keep everything fresh!


I do take used a powerhouse when camping with Scouts.

My biggest use would be during power outages. I have had 4 outages this winter with the
longest being 4 and 1/2 days… Been nice to have to use at night when not using generator


Heck yeah I would use this! Primarily for power outages though: my family did not have any power for 28 hours during the snowstorm in early January, so I’ve been getting power stations from Anker to be prepared in case that happens again (check out the pic). I do have a friend who loves camping though and I want to go camping for the first time, so this would be great to have!!


Also I have a few questions about the product:

  1. Does this power station supply pure sine wave or simulated sine wave?
  2. Is this power station capable of pass-through charging?
  3. Can this power station charge faster with the AC adapter AND a USB-C cable?

Love it! That’s crazy that the public safety power shutoffs are now a recurring event :confused:

You’re right though, the quietness and versatility of the new PowerHouse make it applicable in so many different ways! Thanks for sharing your thoughts :clap:

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Omg… 4.5 days is a long power outage!

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Definitely applicable for both power outages and camping! So cool that you have the 521 and 535, they look awesome next to each other :joy:

Awesome questions… that I do not know the answers to :joy: Let me check in with the team and get back to you!

The product literature does suggest pass-thru so it can be a UPS.

To keep a freezer cold have you considered:

  • owning a larger freezer, and filling it with ice?
  • wrapping in towels or older insulating items?

Personally I place my more expensive food at bottom of top-loading freezer and keep it full, and my fridge front-loading I usually keep long-life milk to keep it full which doesn’t mind warming up, but just tinned drinks / food would equally make a fridge warm up slower and you can take out if you needed the space for fresh food.

The methods I describe mean they work when you’re not home too.

I agree with the general point that I do expect outages to get more frequent and/or longer. However I also expect localised floods and fires to increase so the ability to make a quick exit, including on foot, with items in drybags, is also worth considering.

I agree with going camping, it gets one practised with reduced access to modern conveniences, so you can learn to be comfortable with less.

Pretty cool