Though we are in a moribund forum

I will publish a review of chargers here from a German magazine.

Use a translator and read it.
I am sure its much more interesting than those
famous “reviews” published at “unsocial” media. :laughing:

So let’s say : “Moribundi te salutant”
Who knows the origin?
I will spend her/him 100 of my useless Powerpoints! :rofl:


I don’t think there is any reason to buy a 65W adapter over a full-spec (100W) one. Even some 28V EPR 140W adapters are smaller than the 60W Apple used to include with the MacBook Pro. The higher wattage the adapter, the more device coverage you have, until you get to the maximum 100W in which all USB PD devices are compatible. Also, you will really only find power factor correction on 100W and higher adapters.

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It’s a Latin phase, translating to “Hail, Emperor, those who are about to die salute you” from the Roman days. Referring to the Caesars.

Now give me your “useless” PowerPoints :joy::rofl:



I give you 200 of my useless bucks.
This is now more than a noble gesture! :laughing:

Funny indeed this expression found its way to the English language.
Of course its used in Portuguese (language of Latin origin) : moribundo
And “origin” in Portuguese is “origem”

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Good share Franz

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Is this you on the left side, Paul?

I can make out @ndalby and @professor
(He is walking in the middle behind the coffin and in deep prayers,
that soundcore’s forum will stay alive) :rofl:


Could well be, although my hairline isn’t receding that much, yet! :rofl:

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But think about such strokes of fate, Paul,.
Such an immense disaster like the burial of the forum will alter a man’s status a lot.
Losing some hair is only a secondary effect! :rofl:

I’m still alive, I’m just practising for winter. :wink:

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Of course Not in the coffin.
Behind it! :smile:

Only meat?
What will the “Green” those “do gooders” say?

But I know the chops are from a 3-D printer.
Bio and vegan.
And the UK Bratwurst is a mixture (bread added).
Or am I wrong?

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And my friend what a kind of gluttony. :grin:
We are in a crisis!

This is your ration!




And never forget!

The past


The present day.


And what is this? We all know!


The future! :rofl:

Nice to see the admin’s are taking such a keen interest :grin:

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Seems there are some disputes at soundcore’s forum at the moment.
The “crybabies” contra the “point farmers” :rofl:

Oh my God, there are other , really severe problems in the world today.

So good we don’t have such discussions here.

No more “Point farmers”, as points are worthless here
and no more “Crybabies”, as there are no free donations
longing for and crying if there is not such a gift, :rofl:

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