This is a nice idea

I found this when looking around at

I will not publish manufacturer’s name, but I am sure
if one takes a look, one will know about the functionality of this “all in one” (magnetic) cable.


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Ive seen this for a few years now honestly. It seems like a good idea, just would like to know how strong the magnet is.

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I don’t know the strength of the magnets.

If one has some of these magnetic endparts they can be kept in the device which needs charging.
No more fumbling.
“Plug and charge” :joy:
And these cables can be used not only for charging (data transfer)

While I like the ingenuity I also cringe at that ingenuity, it fails the KISS test.

Hinge and magnets, two places to fail.

And while I like adapters, I like them to be attached, like Anker’s 3-in-1 cables so you can’t so easily lose them.

“Too clever” != KISS

A friend of mine used something similar. The big issue he had was the strength of the magnets, as others have said. Connections would become lost and would disconnect in normal day to day use.

I love this concept and even backed a Kickstarter campaign several years ago that was similar to this. Unfortunately, it was never produced. Therefore, it left a bad taste in my mouth.