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Thanks for sharing this information,

@AnkerOfficial searched my email for this line, can confirm I have not received the email.


Seems like a good bit of people didn't receive the email. I agree, 800 is way too many emails


So when I look for an Anker email saying "this one for you" I only see modest discounts, e.g.


Yup, that's all we get is a mediocre 15% discount
But there y'all have it, for those waiting for the coupon. As the code is now published thanks to @professor


That's it? I was expecting maybe 40%


Thanks @professor for posting the discount :slight_smile:

Regular deals on Amazon and some posted on Forum are much better, there will be better deals coming as newer products are released.. will pass this time


I got the email as well. I have to say, I was expecting slightly larger discounts 🤷‍♂️


Yea the deals aren't particularly exciting and they don't have a deal on something I want


I would've bought the charger myself of the discount was bigger, however I'm gonna have to pass on it right now


Same but I know eventually I’ll cave and buy later on


Yea next time I see it on a good sale I'll buy it :thumbsup:


Hoping for the PowerDraw, else will buy the PowerPort+ Atom III


@AnkerOfficial, @AnkerTechnical are the winners of the power delivery bundle gonna have the prizes sent separately?


As far I see I am in that winning game as well.
Think we should be patient as we are usual.


@Macgyver15 @Chiquinho I received an email about my package being shipped and since I haven’t ordered anything I’m sure it’s the bundle. Since it’s just 1 email, I’m assuming it’s gonna be shipped together


Fine, but as I mentioned there is time for me.


@Shivam_Shah I got the answer shortly after posting this. Mine are coming separately as I received two emails about an hour apart from each other. :slight_smile:


@Macgyver15 @Shivam_Shah you guys are so lucky. Enjoy your new items


Says the expected delivery is tomorrow so will update you all with pictures


Awesome :thumbsup: