The biggest portable battery...possibly?

Just had this pop up on my YouTube recommendations, a major PowerCore…on wheels :rofl:

The part that stood out…

Don’t know why but with the amount of plug sockets mentioned in the whole video, was half expecting to see an Anker charger somewhere :joy:

For those into electric cars (or now trucks) its worth a watch in full.


Yeah such a big battery has a bunch of nice applications, like powering the house in an emergency, or powering tools if needed.

Baker and Ford team up for the ultimate charging truck :joy::crossed_fingers:

I watched this last night and it looks like a pretty cool truck! It’s a portable battery that you can drive around lol

Of course I’ll offer a counter argument :innocent:

The carbon footprint of the manufacturing the truck is far higher than a bicycle.

The complexity of the product will mean it will not last too long.

Technology innovation will mean it won’t take much time for this product to become yesterday’s.

Lithium cells are recyclable but usually aren’t. The more you use of it, the more you waste.

If you are willing to power a house from this, then you are willing to not have a working truck following an outage. If you can cope without a truck, why need a truck?

In an outage, it may be based on many reasons, like a CME, which will break things like vehicles, so you should always have an non-electrical solution like wood, gas, as power to last a week-ish.

image image image


Its a nice gag, but from the ecological view its nonsense.

The whole hype about E-cars should be considered more under ecological views.

The range of such cars with one charge, the availability of charging stations,
life time of such a battery, reutilisation (recycling possibilities) of a “used up” battery…

There has still a lot of researching to be done in battery technique.
I believe more in fuel cell drives.

But this solution is great as well
(Best way to “recycle” a broken motor)



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I really dont like those abbreviations.

Now what could CME mean? :thinking:

I suppose Mexico! :rofl:

Nos encontramos en Campeche e tomaremos una cervezita la.
Salute amigo!

CME = Coronal Mass Exjection

The inertial energy of a heavy vehicle is still energy which has to be created, so smaller lighter ones have less impact.

The roads need renewal less with lighter vehicles.

It is harder to kill someone in a lighter vehicle.

The energy of impact of a faster vehicle is to the square of combined velocity.

Point: minimalist simplicity is sustainable. Big electric vehicles aren’t.

Counter point!

It’s all relative I’d say. Comparing an electric truck to a donkey cart or bicycle, no doubt the truck has a bigger environmental footprint :). Compare it to a gas truck, an electric truck has a much smaller environmental footprint, when it’s battery is recycled. And considering the value of the battery and the fact that it’s neatly packed in an electric skate on wheels, it’s much more likely that it would be recycled. Additionally, it’s not like you would send an electric truck to be crushed with several hundreds of kilos of lithium inside. Unless you plan on seeing fireworks :smiley:
And in the case where the occasional power outage happens, it’s good to have any source of power. Ford deployed hundreds of trucks equipped with generators in the latest power outage in Texas.

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