The Anker Auction House Is Back! | Soundcore Liberty Neo

So there’s a bluff game, those bidding who don’t want it to drain bucks from the winner (so they have less to compete with next time) vs the genuine vs those who bid once at the end.

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That made me chuckle @professor and very true.
Just like real money. Hard to accumulate, easy to spend.

This is the reason I can not bid.
Only a small pool, no richness, but wood! :rofl:


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Now very off topic but thats a GREAT wood store.
Is it yours Franz or is this a photo from the internet?

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Shht, not mine, i was looking for a photo of a poor man’s pool.
But of course I got wood.
Not much left at the moment , but I will order in June 5 cubic meters

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But it was worth it… Won the photography contest with it :wink: and still my favourite Soundcore speaker

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I remember that photo, very good!

2000 for an icon mini is actually a good deal - if you consider the value of a powerbuck to be established from the results of the powerdraw.
I did the math on the value of some powerdraw items, compared to the number of entries and the cost of those entries - for instance, the total spent by the community on the soundcore 2 speaker last month was 4040 powerbucks (101 entries, 40PB each), for a $40 item at amazon. So about 101 powerbucks per dollar, each is worth a penny.

Usually they price one entry on the item in the drawing at the same number of PB as its amazon price, or very close, so just looking at the bid number will tell you the value. 81PB to a $ for the lightning cable last week, 40 for the bluetooth transmitter, 124 for the Life Q10s a few weeks before that. More attractive and general purpose items like speakers and headphones tend to be closer to 100PB or more per dollar.

So 2180 would be paying roughly $21 for the icon mini. Not the deal of a lifetime, but you came out way ahead vs spending all your bucks on powerdraws for speakers. I would expect this one to settle over 2000 as well.

This is my current collection of Soundcore Headsets / Headphone (not including Non-Anker / Non-Soundcore audio headsets, not including the Speakers :wink: )… after gifting Life P2, Soundbuds Lite, Curve, (also gifted Neo sets as Christmas gifts for my friends and family… Had an awesome deal)…

I don’t think Neo is on my list to-have :rofl:… Some of these are soon to be gifted away… Making way for newer ones (Spirit Dot 2, Liberty 3 Pro :roll_eyes:)


but basically… It is a Gift from Anker @AnkerOfficial because the PowerBucks are nothing but appreciation by Anker for our contributions here,

So Powerbucks used up (though high… Thanks to inflation by some folks here :rofl::rofl:) was worth every bit of it!

Also was my first Auctions Win and i love the Orange color :tangerine:( even if i am Apple fan :apple:)

Auctions are ANY day better than the PowerDreams… Hmm… Hrr… I mean PowerDraws… Chances of winning are higher in Auction than PowerDraw provided one has sufficient Powerbucks :blush:


The Dutch would like that speaker too! :rofl:

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Agreed, then again not much a fan of the Neo’s anyhoo :laughing:


Ahhh, record-scratch moment. Oh well, the bid’s gone over what I’ve got available anyway, so good luck to the bidders!

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Damn lucky I’ve been trying to just save up to get one pair… broke college life has left me just using the headphones that came with my phone. Such a nice collection you have I strive to get there some day

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Lol @ image
Why so low? Are they not that good? (Honest question)

Let’s not be surprised if they inflate the “price” for fun :laughing:

8 hours later… the winner so far.

I reckon someone will do 1010 in last seconds.

Those are good for starters, great for gifting ideas. And someone looking to move to Bluetooth headsets, they are wonderful to try out. I never used these but gifted, and hav higher models than the Neo, comparing to the price and Powerbucks being charged for the auction, feel it is too high.

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Where do I check my points? Also how do you bid?

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@anker.z.ralphm3 Check here for earning PowerBucks needed for the auction bidding

you should be able to see your points and bucks in your account


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