The 3 major flaws of the Anker powerconf S3 running... Any solutions yet?


I am using the Anker powerconf S3 running firmware version 29.12 now for some time and I find the following issues which make the usage nearly impossible:

  1. For the iphone to autoconnect via bluetooth the anker powerconf S3 needs to be turned off and on again. Otherwise if I leave it on and leave the bluetooth zone with my phone and then come back it will not autoconnect again. This means: Everytime I leave my desk with my phone and then return I need to remember to turn the powerconf off and on again. Besides the fact that this alone is annoying it is even more annyoing when you have to press those buttons for 3 Seconds each each time. Is there any way to get the Will we soon get a firmware update to autoconnect via bluetooth when someone returns to his desk? Or at least a way to just press on the Bluetooth button once shortly and by that have the same behavior as if I would turn the Anker powerconf S3 off and on again?

  2. I baught the anker powerconf S3 because if I just go in speaker mode on the iphone the audio quality is too week. But after the switch people I talk to via my iphone connected to the anker powerconf S3 via bluetooth say it has gotten worse. Mainly because the volume is too low. So I started to search for microphone settings. In the app called soundcore there is only a representation of the voulme settings from the speakers of the anker powerconf S3, but not for the microphone. Now some say I should connect the anker powerconf S3 with my computer and there I would get some audio settings for the device in the hidden sound settings for audio devices. As I tried this I discovered that the anker powerconf S3 doesn´t even appear as a USB device with Sound settings. It does not appear at all when connected with the USB cable. Either connected to a USB 3 or USB2 port. It does not get recognized by the computer running under Windows 10. So my Questions are: How can i get the anker powerconf S3 to be recognized as a USB Audio device ? 2) Where can I set the microphone volume for the use case iphone -> Bluetooth -> anker powerconf S3 ?

  3. Some youtube videos about the anker powerconf S3 give the impression that one can use a USB cable to connect to the iphone to have a better audio quality. This sounds completly reasonable to me so I thought they were probably saying the truth. Unfortunatly the USB to phone connection is only for charging. So my Question here is: Why is that the case? Will we soon get a firmware update, where this phone to anker powerconf S3 audio connection via USB will be possible?

  4. Just a tiny feature request: Would it be possible to use the LEDs as a volume scale between mute and 100% volume while tapping on + and - on the Anker powerconf S3?




I agree on the second point. I use the Powerconf A3 (latest firmware) in conference calls through my laptop, and get remarks I can’t be heard, because the volume is to low. (i’m sitting alone, in an quiet room, laptop and Powerconf on my desk). I would love to see a solution.

Furthermore, would it be possible to synchronize the mute function on the Powerconf and the conference software? This is very annoying: “Note: Press the Mute button to enter Mute mode on PowerConf S3 and the online conferencing platform you are using. Please note that the microphone status icon on the online conferencing platform will not change.”

regards, erik jan


Regarding issue #1, I found the following:

  • If you are connected via Bluetooth, you can disconnect by short press of the bluetooth button. The bluetooth LED will change from sold blue to flashing blue, and your phone will be disconnected.
  • If you want to be connected via Bluetooth and the bluetooth LED is off then… short press the bluetooth button so that the bluetooth LED starts flashing. Wait a few seconds (five seconds worked for me). Then short press the bluetooth button again. The phone will now connect to the speaker and the bluetooth LED will change to solid blue.
  • If you want to connect to Bluetooth and the bluetooth LED is flashing, then a short press on the bluetooth button should connect the speaker to the phone.

I’ve been having the exact same issue with my microphone volume - connected via USB to a computer or via Bluetooth to my Android, in a quiet room by myself, sitting a foot away from the speaker, people complain I they can’t hear me. I have done some test calls through the device to voicemail, using both single and multi person mode, and it makes no difference - sounds like I’m speaking in a tin can.

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Hi there,

I am facing the exact same issue. Bought the device just two days ago and people on the conf call keep complaining that they cannot hear me even if i’m sat a feet away from the device. Mic volume seems to get weak from time to time and i am in a silent room. I did upgrade the firmware and using the single user mode but the issue remains unresolved. For now i have no choice but to switch to a wired headset everytime people complain about not being able to hear me. Hope my money isnt wasted and that a fix is available.

I ended up calling customer service using the device so they could hear how crappy it was. He had me go through some steps to try a reset, etc., but within 10 minutes decided to claim the warranty and issue a replacement. I had to mail my unit back and had the replacement in about a week. Just tested in (voicemail) and it seems to be way better without the minimized mic volume. While there’s no solution for the issue, the customer support was outstanding!



I have the same issue (2.) regarding the microphone.

How can I solve it?

Best regards