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My dad was a police officer. So growing up, he was always my super hero. I would always hear stories he would tell of his life on the job and meet his partners who he would bring home for a coffee to meet us and hang out over a beer. His partners would always tell my siblings and I how much of a badass my dad was. But to us, he was the guy who would always come home, drop his gear on the table, drop to the floor and play-wrestle us. Or he would be that guy who would play “tree,” strike a pose and let us climb on him. He never brought his work home with him.
One of my favourite memories of him was just us hanging out while on a camping trip. He knew I loved watching the stars so he built a fire and we hung out there until all hours of the night roasting marshmallows and stargazing... until a skunk crawled out from the bush, freaking me into a running panic and leaving my poor dad there, helpless, trying not to move so the skunk didn’t spray him. Thankfully it didn’t. But my dad is amazing. I love that guy to death.


Lol... That's to funny....


I took my kids to where we scattered my Dad’s ashes on Father’s Day. They love going to ‘Grandad’s Tree’ and after a little walk, went to the park next door which also has a small petting zoo.
It’s great to be able to make a day out of it and the kids always talk about their Grandad when we share stories.
It makes a tough Father’s Day easier when my kids get to have fun and spend quality time with me!


This was a great story, it made me choke up a little bit.... One word “BEAUTIFUL”!!!!


I am so grateful to have my dad in my life. He is the one who has shaped me into the person I am today. Perhaps one of the best memories I’ve made with him is creating our own firework show, powered by a computer automated firing system.

This means that no lighting was required, and the danger would be greatly reduced. Anyway, we tried to choreograph the show with music by searching for videos of all the cakes we bought on a wholesale catalog on YouTube. This helped us approximate the timing.

We’ve done this a couple times together, but unfortunately when I was a little kid, he used to work on creating these shows for months, and one time, had an accident in our garage, which resulted in our house burning down. :cry:

Regardless, I hope to continue the tradition in the safest possible environment.


My father has always been a little different than most fathers. If you look at pictures from his childhood he was that boy with the thick coke bottle glasses with his nose always in a book. Even though he was that smart kid that graduated high school top of his class he still has records in high school basket ball and Field and Track (shot put) that still haven't been broken (1960s).

Growing up with a father that is an electrical engineer and scored off the charts in math and reasoning skills made him socially different. He had a lot of friends but most were in his field and they are still friends today. At home he was usually there for us (by phone) even when he traveled overseas and spent months in China, India, and in Europe had time for us.

He always helped us with school work, scout projects, and life issues after graduation. Even today he does his best help us when he can.

One Story that comes to mind is a time when my brother and I were on a scouting trip up in the mountains in California back in the late 80s early 90s I would guess. In the afternoons we had free time while most of the parents were back at camp in meetings or prepping for the next event/dinner. During this free time we would play in the hills and woods within site of the camp, Normally the older children would watch us but this time a group of us got separated from the main group. We were still within site of the campsite but were playing in area where the rock was slick and the drop off was10 to 20 feet.

While playing, I slipped and fell down off the ledge and landed in a soft patch of dirt about 15 feet down with no way to get back up the ledge or get down back to camp. After a few minutes of realizing I couldn't get back up without a rope one of the kids with us ran back to camp. Of course he freaked out and made the story bigger than it was.

Within a few minutes the parents in the group started running to us. The best part was my father was out in front hauling butt. I've never seen him run that fast (even as soccer coach who scrimmaged with us) and I have never seen him run that fast since. What you need to understand is, at the time he was 6'2" and morbidly obese and should not have been able to what he did.

When they got the ledge, he figured out how to get me off the ledge without a rope and back safely topside. If I remember correctly, he saw the ledge continued around the corner where I had landed and gently made its way back down the slope to an area where I could get back up to the top.

Afterwards, he checked me for damage, and then asked if I had learned my lesson and sent me back to group for the rest of the afternoon.

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It puts a smile on my glum old face, reading these great recounts of people's dad's.


Good luck to everyone who entered! It was certainly entertaining reading all these incredible stories about your dad! :clap:


I'm sorry to remind you of these unhappy pasts. I hope that you and Jane will get well now.:heart:


Dad will do anything for you.:heart:


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Good story and awesome daddy!:heartbeat:


If it is a real puppy, what would you do?:smile:


It's a big loss...Your house burning down...:sob:


Awesome my Dad is going to love this charger. Thanks for the votes people.


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Thanks Anker! :smile:
And congrats to the other winners! It’s awesome to see you guys have awesome dads too! ^_^


Awesome, thanks so much and thank you to my fellow friends who voted


Jane is improving daily.

She can get around and has even come out with me for a trip to town a couple times... Of course coffee was involved!

It's.ok, as bad as my childhood was, I'm sure some had it worse. Yes, I was physically abused and at times mentally played with (prob explains my mental health), but I also had plenty of food n day trips and holidays.

I wasn't beaten regularly, and I didn't live in squalor, and I never went hungry, and I always had nice clothes, and never once had nits!

Sometimes not having parents is better than having abusive shit parents.


OMG!!! I was going to jump on one leg of the bed !! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: My first pet was at age 25, my boyfriend gave me a Siberian husky :heart_eyes: