TB4 hub product page says incompatible with iPadOS

I know I’m asking this a bit ahead of the time. The new iPad Pro coming out with M1 chips do use thunderbolt 4. Will we see this hub be compatible with it in the near future?

Ask the support.
We dont know nothing about this. :smile:

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I doubt it. It isn’t Thunderbolt which is the concern but all the protocols for storage, video, etc, which flows through the cable.

I’d expect the ipad port to be all about power and speed and specific protocols. So what would work would be only what Apple said they’d implemented. e.g. on a laptop which USB-C you often see here the laptop doesn’t support video over USB C when they find a hub doesn’t work with an HDMI monitor.

I’d assume it wouldn’t work to be on the safe side.

My recommendation: Don’t buy it until it officially supports the device you have. For something like the iPad Pro, they will certainly be advertising it as compatible if / once it is.

Alternatively, buy one and test it for the whole community. If it does work now, it would be because it is using standard protocols that should be well supported by anyone following the spec.

And as prof said, it may well work for some things and not others - see what types of connection are supported over other TB4 devices with this new iPad Pro, and you will probably find the same things work / don’t work on this.

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Well if someone has to take the risk, best done by someone who has all the peripherals, a test plan, and can buy with a free return period.

Or wait til a known to work, known to not work gets revealed basically by the above person.

Even if someone said something did work it could be very precise like a certain HDMI refresh rate worked. There’s so many combinations it is a nest of unknowns.

Maybe future reviews will address this

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I am not so confident any review can be that definitive. There’s so many combinations. I can imagine say one USB 3.1 drive works but USB C drive doesn’t work. Hubs allow so many combinations, I can see a hub partially working.

For this reason I’m not thinking an expensive hub is the way to go, just a simple dongle doing just one or two key things proved to work is the solution.

You need a high end PC with driver support for all the peripherals before I’d say it’s worth the $ and even then, an OS upgrade can render all conclusions invalid.

I have 3 Anker hub / dongles for specific purposes, a C to Ethernet, C to SD and A to SD for specific narrow purposes.


“reviews” are often simple unpacking videos.

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Lol you are right, nowadays is hard to find a good reviewer

I guess the only way for this to be a addressed in a review is if there is enough interest, but you are right, it would be oddly specific