Take Our Survey to Win Our Best-Selling USB-C Hub

Hey Anker Fans!

Sometimes it’s good to take a break from whatever you’re doing, just a few minutes to let your mind rest and refocus. Luckily we have the perfect thing to help you do just that—a survey!

If you complete our survey before November 29th, you’ll have a chance to win a 7-in-1 USB-C hub which will let you get 4K media display, SD card compatibility, and high-speed data transfer from your MacBook’s USB-C port.

Any feedback you can give in the survey will provide us with insight into how we can make better Anker tech for you in the future.

Click here to take our survey.

Power On!


  1. This survey is only open to residents of the US, UK, and Germany.

  2. Fill out the form before November 29th, 2020 to be in with a chance of winning.

  3. 15 people who complete the survey will be chosen at random to win a PowerExpand+ 7-in-1 USB-C PD Media Hub

Winner Announcement:

je**** tlook.com
ne**** m@gmail.com
na**** @gmail.com
hd**** tmail.com
yu**** r2@gmail.com
Be**** 003@Gmail.Com
za**** wartz@gmail.com
ne**** hoo.com
gv**** mail.com
ia**** dh@gmail.com
ma**** @gmail.con
ga**** an@gmail.com
lu**** jones@gmail.com
ja**** email98@gmail.com
An**** rke@gmail.com


Done, quick and easy survey


I completed it


Done! wish there was the ability to select more than one reason for not using a docking station.


Had a little go at this.
My works PC seem to be good spec but lacking ports to plug things in, this will help a lot!

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Mark me down as done :wink:

The last time there was a docking station, I passed it up because I had no need. And then right after it, I got a macbook pro. So jumping on this one!!

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I’m clearly not eligible :joy: but would’ve loved to give any feedback based on what I’ve seen people experiencing around here. Good luck to people who finished the survey

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Crazy to think of all the options that we could potentially get from a USB C Hub

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Good luck guys, I’ll sit this one out

Good luck to everyone !!:crossed_fingers:t2:

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Hey @Daiross hope you’re feeling better now. I saw a couple replies by you but haven’t had time to really catch up with people here


Hi Daisy, Just checking in on you… I hope everything is OK! I have had a couple friends that have tested positive and they had very mild symptoms, just hoping the same with you and that you made it through OK


I think a set of hubs which are proven to work together would be ideal. There is no one perfect hub for someone which is a good fit for a couple of years. Needs change.

A modular design comes to mind but they always ended up dying in the past due to unique custom fit not able to keep up with commoditization. So I’m thinking just ensure they all work if you daisy chain off USB.


Great survey! Grateful that Anker wants to hear from us and let’s us take part in the direction of its products!

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done… could use a USB dock for home… left the one at work and can’t get it out…

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Does that increase my chance of winning if i had used that?

done. Nice little survey. Hopefully they take some our suggestions.

All done - good luck all