T8111 not connecting to home base after homebase update


I received a update on my eufy T8001 home base. After update i lost my T8111 cameras.

I tried to re add the camera but they are not getting detecting. It tells camera failed to add

I waited for next home base update, I got a new update on homebase, was happy may be now it will detect the cameras but it failed.

Till now many update has come one homebase but it’s not detecting cameras. Failing to add cameras

I think cameras firmware needs to be updated to latest version so homebase can detect them. Problem is with out connecting to home base cameras will not get updated

Can anyone help me if we can updated cameras without connecting to homebase via USB or some way.

Or anyone faced same issue and got solution


Happened to me as well, and couldn’t find a solution.

I got the same model as you eufy HomeBase T8001 and eufyCam T8111.

The camera showed as being disconnected, and I thought the battery is completely drained. I charged it but still didn’t connect.
I reset the base, upgraded the firmware, updated the mobile app, and added it again. That worked fine.
The led on the base is stable white and I can see it is connected in the app, this works both with the cable or WiFi.
The led on the camera is also white, showing that it is charged. When I try to connect it, the base struggles for a minute or so, and then says it can’t detect any camera, although it is right next to it.

I suspect it is a software issue.
I can’t use the camera at the moment, so probably I won’t wait until their next upgrade and take a decision sooner.

The support team was useless in this case, they could sent a replacement, but because mine is out of warranty period, they suggested to buy a new one, and their best offer is 15% off. Ridiculous!

If I get a new one, definitely will be from another brand.

I’m not coming back to eufy / anker as long as they can’t offer buyback or repair services.
It’s a clear proof they don’t care about their old customers, nor the environment.

In general, I’m not even considering recycling, if something can be repaired.