Step Right Up to the Black Friday Prize Carnival!

Says they’re sending out emails by November 30.

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Is anyone interested in trading a eufy genie for a zolo mojo? I prefer Google home over Amazon but I know some of you who might have won the mojo prefer Amazon’s Alexa.

Message me if you’re interested :sunglasses:

Thank you @AnkerOfficial !!! I think I just won a Eufy Genie and a 30% discount code!

Thank you, Anker! Happy hunting everyone!!

congrats to those who won something…got 30% code :joy:

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Wow! You’re lucky!!! Congrats!

I had my three goes, and got a 30% voucher.

HOWEVER, after sharing and closing the page, it says… Grabbing your prize

Guess what… Nothing, not a sausage!

Yep same here but not all bad…at least we won on the $150 event :slight_smile:

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How do we find out what the mystery prizes are?

IE, when returning g to the prize page after sharing, it says gift is being grabbed, but nothing appears in the list box, where my 30% voucher is.

When I then press OK the dialogue box closes, but nothing else happens.

Anyone know what this device the middle is? I don’t recognize it.

@Jesse_Hernandez1 Wireless charging pad of some sort.


I won a 30% off code but how or where do we get the discount code?

The contest page states: “Prize winners will be notified via email by November 30th, 2018.”
That would be too late for Black Friday, so I imagine Anker will email the coupons earlier than November 30th.

Ah ok thanks for the clarification. I interpreted “prize” as actual products and not discount codes.

Something not right

If in USA, you get this… A grabber with prizes

If.tou live elsewhere, you get this grabber… No prizes, empty, blank etc

That’s hardly fair, is it‽
I’m.not ungrateful, 30% (if I had spare money) is a good saving. However, it’s not a free product.

So although open to other places. Other places can only get discounts.


I didn’t win anything just a 30% discount.

says the person who can get $150 of Anker stuff for free :disappointed:

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I’m not saying as a personal thing, it’s not ae thing.

As I know you’re judging.

This means, EVERYONE outside of USA, can’t win goods. Which you seem to be missing, in you’re unfair judging n presumption … Remember…
Ass u me nothing

You can play it again by putting your email in the CA landing page. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will update the post by putting different countries’ landing pages.