Status of a Homekit Enabled Camera

Hi @AnkerOfficial
Is there a status update or timeline for releasing a Homekit enabled camera?
Arlo’s latest firmware update just added Homekit to the base station for the Pro/ Pro2 models. It’s just pending Apple approval.

I’d like to stick with Eufy products but I need a HK enabled camera and Arlo is starting to look really, really, really attractive.


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We’re currently developing the second generation of home base, which will support the Apple Homekit. The details are still in evaluation so I’m not able to provide a certain answer to releasing date. But have faith in us!


Hey…that’s me… :slight_smile:

So it looks like it will just require a new base station for the Eufy Cams. That’s interesting.

As your working on a new homebase, will it be possible to use it with existing cameras? Will it be available separately? Any other intended feature differences? Going to send out a survey to current owners for suggestions & thoughts?

One feature I’d be interested in is optional external antennas & diversity, to have a low dB antenna for close devices & a high gain antenna for devices at range

Thanks for your feedback and I‘ve forwarded your ideas to the product development team. As it is still in the process of development, so I’m not able to provide more detailed information now. But you can stay tuned in the community we will share the news and announcements here all the time!

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That’s not interesting for me. I would love to have HomeKit enabled homebase, but I jumped in the eufy wagon too early and backed them for Kickstarter project, so I get a non-HK eufy system.
I am not happy at all for this.
@AnkerOfficial please convey to eufy team, there should be a patch released to existing homebase and have everybody covered to have HomeKit, or replace my Homebase with newer version with HK

I’m OK with a new homebase as long as:

  1. It’s due to software or hardware limitations (ie code to support Homekit too large to fit in current memory, or Apple require specific chipsets not in current homebase).
  2. AI capabilities of original homebase are not lost.
  3. Current cameras will work with new homebase (including with Homekit).
  4. Discount made available (globally) for current customers.


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