Spread the Word and Win a eufyCam Worth $400



Congrats on winning the cameras! :heart:
I’m glad they finally announced the winners lol


I like your words [quote=“ikari04warrior, post:293, topic:69048”]
I’m glad they finally announced the winners lol


Lol this time they were only a day late :clap:


Wow congrats @ndalby, @gAnkster, and @Hermes_Alvarez

Wish I could have won but that’s the way it is. Enjoy y’all prizes


Two pages from one of my favorite books…


thanks @Tank


much appreciated @ikari04warrior


congrats winners


Looking forward to the winners’ reviews :grinning:


Thanks @ikari04warrior & @Tank :ok_hand:


Heard they are very good very jealous :joy::joy::joy:


Congrats @ndalby @Hermes_Alvarez @gAnkster dude I’m expecting some testing with does chickens, maybe you can make a documentary Chickens vs Robovac :joy:


Best line I have heard today - Chicken Vs Robovac :joy:!

Fun aside, will be interesting to see the reviews!


Arrived safe and sound yesterday, thanks again @AnkerOfficial :thumbsup:


Now you can forward it to me :+1:


So we will see some very british views soon.:grin:


Glad to know, enjoy the eufycam, now we can see another expert view on these cams. Let us know how you like it…


show us whats inside :grinning:


Already got some pics and video footage of the unboxing for an upcoming review…once I’ve given it a few weeks of testing to see what bugbears and the alike I encounter will be able to club it together and upload :slight_smile:


Genau, an unboxing video only, doesn’t make sense at all. For me it is not so necessary.
Some photos will do.