Spotify Surreptitiously Installed app by PowerCore Slim 10000 when first connected

As soon as I first plugged in my brand new powercord slim 10000 and pushed the button, it installed “Spotify” app. Has anyone else seen this? Are they installing crap on our phones without us knowing it. I did not sign up for this.

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Prove it by unplug the Powercore, uninstall Spotify, then plug in the Powercore again.

Powercore only transmit power not data, it doesn’t have Spotify on it.

Unless is a strange kind of imitation…


Hey @lestergreen
Thats completely bizarre.
As @professor mentions, it’s a device for storing power not software or data - as I’m sure you know!
So this has to be some kind of coincidence.

Out of interest, when you deleted Spotify, restarted your device and reconnected the PowerCore, did it happen again?
If its the PowerCore I guess Spotify will install Spotify again.


As mentioned by @professor PowerCores are designed to transmit power only (no data). I would suggest completing the steps mentioned by professor to see if the same behaviour occurs. Should it occur I would then suggest reaching out to with the serial no, place of purchase and purchase date so they can check and advise if the unit is a genuine model.

Hmm that’s really weird

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