Soundcore Rave power

My Soundcore Rave won’t turn on. The power button flashes. The Bluetooth button flashes. And the bass button flashes. When I try to reset it will not do anything. I tried different power cords to no avail.

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Seems really something to report to the support.
You should do that.

@Johnny22 You would best contacting support on

What do you mean you tried different power cords? The rave uses a set charger to charge it up and from the sound of it the speaker isn’t charged hence why it won’t turn on. Once plugged on to charge you should see the 4 white LEDS start to flash, and as it charges they become solid lights until all are fully solid signifying it’s at 100% charge.

Once fully charged press and hold down the power button for at least 8 seconds to power it on.


How long ago did you get it? It may still be under warranty


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