Soundcore Rave Mini - Best Portable Party Beast!

Thank you @Momo_Bobo @Ice1 @ndalby @hgrogan01

Glad you guys liked it!

Thanks again for pinning the post @ndalby :pray: :blush:


Nice review. Did you find that the handle got in the way of the controls on top, or was it just right?

I agree with USB-C as an input for charging the speaker, and also if it could have been an audio in for devices that play music and have Type C ports.

Also, the term for the bottom speaker, which isn’t a speaker, its passive radiator.

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Thank you @Dez !

The top handle never got in the way of controls, as I only need Power & Volume Up/Down for regular use. Bass-up is always enabled, and BT connects automatically to the last connected device (Nebula) so all good there.

Bottom speaker is not the “Passive Radiator”, the rear plate on the Rave Mini is the “Passive Radiator”. Bottom portion (bottom speaker area) is still a housing / for appearance I feel.

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Copy. Perhaps it’s a ported hole with lights around it. I’m assuming there may be an audible advantage to that as well.

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great review @Shenoy :ok_hand::clap: well done!!

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Thank you @Daiross :pray:

Improvement suggestion: why aren’t all the buttons lighting up? Just light option, Bass, Power and Bluetooth? Why not Previous, Forward, Play/Pause/Voice Assistant and Volume Up/Down!!! :woman_shrugging:ElmoShrugGIF

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its a good idea.
I was always seeking the buttons on my Flare minis.
Meanwhile I “marked” them with a small label using a piece of tape.
Same I do with the sockets and plugs of USB if these are not “C”.
I am a tricky old man. :laughing: